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"Cette notion de quartier est relativement nouvelle en France."

Translation:That notion of district is relatively new in France.

February 1, 2013



The English translations here do not make any sense. Both 'notion of district' and 'area of wing' are meaningless


It should be "notion of districts" and it makes sense. France (hypothetical) just split up the country into districts. A tourist asked a local what effects this had on the country, and why it was implemented. The local replied he wasn't sure as "the notion of districts is relatively new in France".
"Area of wing" is way off.


Here, I suspect the meaning of "quartiers" is "neighborhoods", not district. It corresponds to city areas of a few streets with something in common: architecture (public housing blocks), large square (le quartier Bastille), official building (le quartier de la mairie), origin of inhabitants (le quartier chinois)...


Well, I just translated the sentence "this concept of neighborhood," and lost a star because I used "concept" instead of "notion," even though the program offers "concept" as a translation for "notion," AND it makes more sense in English to use "concept." Sometimes Duolingo frustrates me beyond belief.


A crazy sentence that is pointless and makes no sense

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