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  5. "És ti hol harcoltok?"

"És ti hol harcoltok?"

Translation:And where are you fighting?

July 25, 2016


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Maybe is a "mirage" (brought about for being a native Spanish speaker) but another acceptable translation would probably be :

"and you where are you fighting?"

as both the pronoun and the verb in the version of the second person plural is used.

Just wondering.


I think the emphasis provided by using the pronoun explicitly would be closer to "And where are YOU fighting?", i.e. with an emphasis in voice which is not usually conveyed in writing.

But your sentence is also possible if you add some punctuation: "And you, where are you fighting?" or "And you? Where are you fighting?"

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Yes, I agree.

The coma or the question mark does it in that regard.

But your point on the emphasis of the sentence is truly the "right one".



I put "And where are you all fighting?" as my answer and got marked wrong. I understand that English doesn’t always differentiate between "you" and "you guys" (or "y'all"/"you all") because often is just sounds a bit weird, but surely this is the correct way to translate from Hungarian where the difference is specified?


"you all" is consistently not accepted because it isn't standard English. Not everyone agrees with this choice but that's how it is for now.

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