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  5. "הסטודנט בא להרצאה."

"הסטודנט בא להרצאה."

Translation:The student is coming to the lecture.

July 26, 2016



Does סטודנט refer specifically to a university student or is it used in a different way?


Yes, סטודנט is a university student (or other kinds of higher education).


The answer was "the student will come in one hour", i think i should be corrected, thank you


I listened to the audio for this sentence numerous times and the last word always sounded like "lehartza'a" to me. So I translated "The student is coming to a lecture." and was marked wrong. Shouldn't it sound like "lahartza'a" if it was definite? Am I missing something or is the audio just a bit off? Or maybe my ears?

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