"Ваша вечеря там."

Translation:Your dinner is there.

July 26, 2016

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How are you using the word, "dinner"? Is it synonymous with "supper" or "lunch"?


The usage of the word "dinner" here is ambiguous or even wrong, if we consider the differences among "lunch," "supper," and "dinner." "Вечеря" (from "вечір" -- "evening") is definitely an evening meal, that is, "supper." "Обід" (also means "noon") is definitely a midday meal, that is, "lunch." I do not know a single-word Ukrainian equivalent for "dinner" with the meaning of "the main/largest meal of the day" or "a formal meal."

When I was a child, the main meal of the day was lunch. We always had two courses: a soup or borscht (if you want to insult a Ukrainian call borscht a soup) for the first course and a kasha, pasta, or some potato dish for the second course. My grandmother cooked the meals and my grandfather and parents came from work for lunch. Later it became only one dish and supper became the main meal of the day with several or only one dish.


In Poland, where I believe we have similar meal traditions as in Ukraine, when we study English as children we are taught to use "dinner" for "obiad" (Ukrainian "обід"). Although we are aware that English meal traditions differ from ours. And the rest - "supper" for "kolacja" ("вечеря") and of course "breakfast" for "śniadanie" ("сніданок").


I am studying Polish here on duolingo, as well as the Ukranian. In the Polish course kolacja - dinner, obiad - lunch. In the Ukrainian course вечеря - supper, обід - lunch. This is really weird, as I believe translations of those words should be common.

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