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"There are a thousand students in total."

Translation:Hay mil estudiantes en total.

5 years ago



Why can we not say "un mil" for "a thousand"?

5 years ago


Indeed, why?

I googled "un mil" and several sources said "Just don't - it's wrong"

5 years ago

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I think that is just what we do in English. We only use "a thousand" and "a million" and "a hundred" ... but we never say "a one, a two, a twenty" ... so I think in Spanish, none of their numbers are preceded by "a" , at least not a thousand.

5 years ago


Hay un mil estudiantes en total. I dont see why this wont work either.

5 years ago


Language is defined by the common practice of users and not its general rules. Pehaps numbers are an exception to the rule.

5 years ago