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  5. "A zeneszerző zenél."

"A zeneszerző zenél."

Translation:The composer is making music.

July 26, 2016



The composer is actually playing an instrument here.


That's what "making music" usually means in English, in my experience - i.e. not creating music but performing music.


OK, thanks for the confirmation.

To compose is "zenét szerezni".
"A zeneszerző zenét szerez".

"Szerezni" is very close to "get" or "acquire". Mostly "acquire", I think. But it is also used for "to author", as in this case.


So if the "zenét szerezni" is to "make music", then "zenél" is to "play music"? If so, then Duo is giving here wrong translation as “The composer is making music”


Not really. Duo is correct. "Make music" in English is usually used for producing the sounds, not composing. "Zenét szerezni" is not "make music" but "compose music". I agree that it is a confusing sentence; the composer is not doing what composers usually do.


I like how these two words are dervied from the same thing but don't mean the same action.


The composer is playing - gets a couple of bad notes

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