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  5. "The time passes slowly."

"The time passes slowly."

Translation:הזמן עובר לאט לאט.

July 26, 2016



If you want someone to speak Hebrew slowly so you can understand them, I hear most people say לאט לאט. I find the phrase very useful :)


Seems like an excess of לאטness.


Is there any difference in meaning for doubling לאט in one of the suggested answers?

הזמן עובר לאט., הזמן עובר לאט לאט.


(noformat) לאט לאט is more לאט than לאט. I don't know why it's a suggested answer, I'd say לאט לאט is "very slowly".


In Hebrew doubling adjectives makes them stronger...


לאט, לאט would also mean "Slow and nice" as well as "slowly but surrelly" as well as "without hurry" as well as "without stress" as well as "take it easy, don't rush" in a conversational street hebrew around Tel-Aviv. This is my personal observation and not an academy of Hebrew opinion


One teaching sentence uses li'at while this one uses li-at li-at, marks it wrong for using only one li'at. I am confused.

הצב שלי גדֵל לאט

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