"Mój wujek nie ma żadnych dzieci."

Translation:My uncle does not have any children.

July 26, 2016

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'My uncle hasn't any children' was not accepted and should have been.


People in the states do speak like this from time to time. Ex. "He hasn't a clue" - that's a common expression.


Well, that sounds quite confusing to me cause żadnych means greedy in Russian. Why do these words have such different meanings?


There are many false friends in both polish and russian.


This is plural-neuter in Genitive, correct? I think I have asked this before but I have not memorized it. In plural-neuter-Genitive, "dzieci" is the exception to the rule and is the same as "nominative" or "accusative", correct?


Well, technically the name of the gender is "not masculine-personal". It can be treated as a kind of exception in a way = children can for sure include some boys, but as the word itself is neuter it's not masculine-personal anyway.

And for not masculine-personal plural, Accusative is the same as Nominative. I'd treat the fact that Genitive is also identical to them here, simply as an accident ;)


Genitive "not masculine-personal plural", usually, does have a different ending in the word/noun, correct? In this case, this word "dzieci", this word is the same in Genitive as it is Nominative.


Yes, it's different, so that's why it's better to treat the fact that it's identical here as just an accident.


What is the difference between "żaden"and "każdy", can I say "Mój wujek nie ma każdych dzieci"


Well... they are quite the opposite :) "każdy" is every. So I'm afraid that your sentence doesn't make sense...


Well... he certainly doesn't have every child in the world...


Why was 'my uncle does not have children' not accepted


Well... "żadnych" gives additional emphasis that is not present in your sentence.


I've seen several examples of this in this course and I've always wondered why one way is accepted and one isn't. In my opinion there might be slightly more emphasis when you include any, but the sentences still mean the exact same thing.

The only way I can think of that it would matter would be something like: "Your uncle has two children, right?" "No, my uncle doesn't have any children". Is the Polish emphasis something similar?


Yes, similar. Generally "any" seems to be more common in English and change less than "żadnych" does.


my uncle don't have any children was not accepted, is there any difference between don't and does not?


"My uncle don't have any children" is grammatically incorrect. It should be "doesn't" or "does not".

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