"Hol mosogatunk?"

Translation:Where do we do the dishes?

July 26, 2016

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"Where are we washing up?" not accepted. Can you check?


The only people who can check do not usually read these sentence discussions, I think :)

They're probably kept busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest just handling all the reports that people send in, and any time spent perusing sentences would take away from that.

So please use that way to contact them about missing alternatives rather than posting here :)

(When you are told that an alternative is wrong and you're pretty sure it's correct, then click the button "Report a problem" and choose "My translation should be accepted". That will make your suggested translation show up in the maintainers' interface by the sentence for them to accept or reject it.)


I think Duolingo needs to start awarding people for reporting stuff! I am not saying give them a pokémon, but give them something. Something that shows on their profiles. That should help a lot.


I liked your comment and gave you a lingot! Is it enough? :D


It is more than enough, thank you. :)


Where are we doing the dishes?


Why is it not a definite conjugation used here if the translation suggests "the dishes"?


Because "the dishes" is not actually an object of this verb -- the verb by itself means "do the washing-up, wash the dishes" and has no object at all.


Since the Hungarian sentence can mean both "where do we wash the dishes" and "where are we washing the dishes", therefore it can mean both of these two?
- Someone asking where they are supposed to go to wash the dishes at this moment.
- Also, a group of people transported to a strange place where they right now are washing the dishes, and someone among them are asking this question.

The second is very weird; but it's still valid, right? As in, it's like a dream sequence, alternative in a world of magic. Maybe Q/Discord came and is messing around.

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