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How do I say 1989?

In English, nobody says "one thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine" when talking about a year. We say "nineteen eighty-nine."

What do native French speakers say? If someone asks me what year I was born, do I really need to rattle off "mille neuf cent quatre-vingt neuf"?

July 26, 2016



Or if it's a year in the 1900s, we'll say "in the '80s" or "in eighty-nine". Sometimes we'll say '02 instead of 2002, or '08 instead of 2008, or whatever. Any equivalents to those?


We also the same equivalent to "in the 80s/90s/etc" : "dans les années quatre-vingt / soixante-dix / soixante / etc." As said below, it doesn't work above 2000, and only refers to the 19-something.


If I were to say '02 in English, I'd say "oh two" instead of "zero two," which would let the person I'm talking to know I'm talking about the year 2002 instead of the number 2. Is it the same thing in French? Would I say "oh deux"?


As lazouave said, you can't do that in French. You have to say "deux mille deux".


Yes, if it's a year in the 1900s, you can just say en quatre-vingt-neuf. However, this doesn't work for the years after 2000.


Merci tous les deux !

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    You can also say : dix-neuf cent quatre-vingt-neuf


    If it's a 4-digit year, you can either say it just like what you've said, or you can break it up into pairs with cent in between: "dix-neuf cent quatre-vingt-neuf"

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