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  5. "I go swimming twice a month."

"I go swimming twice a month."

Translation:Dw i'n mynd i nofio ddwywaith y mis.

July 26, 2016



Why is dwywaith mutated?


Because it is being used as an adverb - just another of the many things causing a soft mutation.


Why is it "mynd i"..and not just mynd followed by a verb?


Many welsh verbs/verb-nouns are followed by prepositions to convey particular meanings. Some examples with mynd:

  • mynd - going, to go
  • mynd i rywle - to go (to) somewhere
  • mynd at rywun - to go to someone
  • mynd i wneud rhywbeth - going to do something
  • mynd รข rhywbeth/rhywun (i rywle) - taking something/someone (to somewhere)
  • mynd o - to go from
  • mynd i nofio - going/to go swimming
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