"Ez egy szép és nagy város."

Translation:This is a beautiful and big city.

July 26, 2016

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There is no question that "beautiful and big" is an accurate translation of the Hungarian, but am I the only native English speaker that thinks it is the wrong order? "This is a large and beautiful city" rolls off the tongue whereas "this is a beautiful and big city" feels awkward.

A question of style not accuracy, I know, but should I report it?


I would encourage all native English speakers here to please go ahead and report the versions that feel more natural to you, in all cases.


Or "big and beautiful". I agree that "beautiful and big" just sounds wrong.


I would prefer large instead of big, because in my head big turns to abstract or generic measure while large brings me to material size, just my debileness... But what's the matter with the word order?? I don't feel anything about it.



This is a beautiful big city.

This is a beautiful and big city.

This is a big and beautiful city.

All accepted. And also with large. (But "This is a big beautiful city" is not, because that would break the English adjective order rule.)


The word "large" is correct.


Hm.. what is the difference between "nice" and "beautiful"?


The difference is that the former is highly overused in English to the point it doesn't really mean anything anymore.

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