"Arab women and children are arriving by the city."

Translation:A városnál arab nők és gyerekek jönnek.

July 26, 2016

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what is wrong with: "arab nők és gyerekek a városnál érkeznek"?


I think there are a few issues with the above translation, which need to be reported in the first place. But anyway, the word order in your sentence does not feel natural. With a little correction it should be accepted:

"Arab nők és gyerekek érkeznek a városnál"


"Az arab nők és gyerekek a városnál érkeznek"

I think the first one is the most neutral one. The second one emphasizes that this group of people is arriving at the city (not somewhere else). But then it needs the definite article "Az".


"Az arab nők és gyerekek érkeznek a a városnál"

It is this group of people that is arriving at the city.

And the original sentence, "A városnál arab nők és gyerekek jönnek", describes what is going on around the city.


Thank you very much


Dear friend, I transated it exactly as you did: Arab nők és gyerekek érkeznek a városnál But still not accepted :( And again different work order suggested here


Please report it, it should be accepted as an alternative.


does jönnek mean arrive or come?


Jön means 'to come', but the translation gets a bit muddied when you're not coming 'to' a place ("a városhoz"), but 'by' a place ("a városnál").
'Arrive' is best translated with érkezik, which is also an accepted solution here.

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