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social media and schools

I would love to use DL with my students, but my school system does not feel comfortable with the social media links that are connected to DL. Is there any way to disable this aspect of the program or are there any future plans to release a version that would be usable for schools in similar situations?

Thank you!,

a concerned German Teacher

February 4, 2014



Thanks for reaching out about this! We have some features that will make it easier for schools to use Duolingo coming out soon. Right now, there is no way to disable those features.


Can you elaborate on what you mean by "social media links"? (so that we can know what to disable)


(From my content supervisor) My big concern about Duolingo is the social media connections (Twitter, Facebook). Students can sign in via Facebook, which probably means that their contacts are pulled in as well, and can comment and connect with real people, including knowing their real names, where they are from, and seeing their Facebook pages. (Eli Sadoff aka snood1205 from Richboro, PA, looks like a nice guy on his Facebook page, but who knows?? Just an example of one person who commented and I clicked his Facebook link.) I don’t see any way to control this, and I’m sure that my Principal would not want to take the risk. The app doesn’t seem to allow for interaction with others, but once they are signed up, kids can choose to use computers, which opens them up to the social connections piece.

(From my Principal) So many things could happen beyond our control. While this is true in general, we do not want to be the ones to orchestrate connections that could lead students astray. We’ll just keep researching tools that are applicable and a bit more restrictive.


Thanks! We'll be able to fix most of this.


For your information, it would be very useful if teachers can track individual student progress and if students can email or contact the teacher directly for feedback.


Students can post on your stream (note that this is public). They can also send emails to you outside of Duolingo. If you go to a student's page, you may be able to see progress if you're on the older design, but you'll have to wait if you're on the newer design. That feature is coming to everybody soon. Here's your profile page, as I see it, including your progress (any lessons or practices you do are on a different part, not pictured):


Hi! Here are some of my tips:

1: Social Media isn't mandatory, they can sign up with email addresses.

2: They can use the aforementioned email addresses to email you.

3: I made a suggestion that you may find interesting: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1636574

Ultimately, there's nothing that you can do to stop them, because, if they really want, they can sign in with their own personal accounts which they could make at home.

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