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  5. "Muhteşem bir evimiz var."

"Muhteşem bir evimiz var."

Translation:We have a magnificent house.

July 26, 2016



Recently, a friend of mine who is learning Turkish (and uses Duolingo exercises as a refresher) asked me if "boasting" was an idiomatic aspect of the Turkish language. My response to her was "Not to my knowledge"! In fact, I feel quite the opposite is true!

Seeing practice sentences such as this one, however, helps me understand how one might get the wrong impression about Turkish culture. LOL! Given the frequency that one comes across such "self-flattering" or "self-promotional" types of sentences, I am compelled to point out that, from my perspective, Turks tend to be fairly humble and generally frown on "bragging". In Turkey, you will often hear the expression, "Nazar deymesin" said to ward off negative thoughts (apparently even unintended ones) such as "jelousy", "false flattery", etc.. Hence the various Nazarlıklar or Nazar boncuğu (eye motif beads and decorations) used as charms by many Anatolian cultures and civilizations to ward off the "Evil eye". :)




I believe "muhteşem" (magnificent) is stronger than "harika" (great).


Can it be "our hous is magnificent" evimiz


"Our house is magnificent." = "Evimiz muhteşem."


Interesting that the Arabic word محتشم 'modest, shy' has come to mean 'magnificent' in Turkish.


Could splendid be an acceptable translation here?

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