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"A diákok az asztaloknál ülnek és tanulnak."

Translation:The students are sitting at the tables and studying.

July 26, 2016



"The students are sitting at the tables and are studying". Seems like a perfectly fine (alternate) translation to me.


tanulni means 'to study' as well as 'to learn' right ??


Mitől függ, hogy a -nál, -nél at vagy by vagy next to?


Duolingo is fairly consistent at rendering "-nál/nél" as either "at" or "by", and at rendering "mellett" as either "next to" or "beside". This seems correct to me.

OTOH, it's not so consistent about whether "-nál/nél" is "at" or "by", nor about whether "mellett" is "next to" or "beside". I've been reporting, and y'all should too.

[deactivated user]

    I am pretty sure this should be sitting AT the table. In English sitting by the table suggests they are sitting somewhere near it but not using it. Other sources suggest I am correct.


    what is wrong with 'learning'? it is accepted in other phrases too


    Why does it need to double "are" if English does not require it


    Why is the students and learn wrong whereas are sitting and are learning is correct?


    Shouldn't it be "asztalokon" in this sense?


    No, this sentence is correct as it is. "Asztalokon" would be "on (top of) the tables".


    Is the word in Hungarian for desk "asztal" ? If so, why is my answer not accepted? My answer was: The students are sitting at the desks and studying. What is my error?


    You may not actually be "wrong", but Duolingo can't cover all of the variations of translation, so you may need to decide if your translation is correct or close enough.


    Strictly a desk is a "íróasztal" - although asztal can be used. While doing DL stick to their vocab.


    Why can't be possible "sitting by the tables"?

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