The lingots

Hello everyone, I have a question concerning the lingots.What use are they? Thanks in advance

July 26, 2016

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I fit the links of the store links but nothing happened

Very strange. Lingots are used to buy things in the store. The link I gave you was to the store.

Yes, but nothing happened when I did click on "Quitte au double" or "Entraînement Chronométré".??

Those are the two of the many items in the lingot store.

Quitte au double or Double or Nothing : Once you buy it, you'll have to earn a 7 day streak (i.e., complete your daily goal on Duolingo for 7 days). I you do so, you'll get 10 lingots as a reward (right, the double of what you had paid).
Entraînement Chronométré or Timed Practice : Once you buy it, go to your language course and click on any completed skill. You'll find an option to strengthen your skills. If you click that, you get two options- Strengthen with time and Strengthen without time. If you Strengthen with time, you get 30 seconds in the beginning and the time keeps getting increased with the number of correct answers you have given.

Aren't bonus skills in there too?

@Ashley: Yes, there are. By Those are the two items in the store., I meant that the two items Dahouch mentioned were a part of the lingot store. Now, I feel that the sentence isn't very clear and descriptive, so I'll edit it.

Thanks for telling me! :)

Now is very clear for me.Many thanks Anneysha7.

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