"A ruhák abban a szekrényben vannak, amelyik az ajtó mellett van."

Translation:The clothes are in the closet that is beside the door.

July 26, 2016

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The clothes are in the cabinet which is beside the door. Cabinet is singular


Please fix: wardrobe should be considered correct


I am resorting to very bad swear words which i generally never use! I agree with above PLUS surely 'next to' can be used instead of 'beside'


"abban" in that?


"The clothes are in that wardrobe which is next to the door" Surely this should be accepted?


Or: The dresses are in the wardrobe which is next to the door. Who puts clothes (or dresses) in a CABINET? (OED: cabinet - a case or cupboard with drawers and shelves for storing or displaying articles - ie china, TVs, etc )


Is there a different word for dresser?


A very different piece of furniture (and one I have never seen in Hungary). A dressing table is a "toalettasztal" or "fésülködőasztal". (A székrény is basically a big cupboard with hangers - maybe a shelf)


Ah! This seems like an example of regional differences in English. In America, the "dressing table/toalettasztall" would be called a "vanity" (1) or "vanity table" - a table at which you sit to apply makeup, etc. I assume what eyepatch is asking about is the hip-height (2) furniture with big drawers in which folded (3) clothes are stored.

Maybe the right Hungarian term is fiókos szekrény?

(1) Note that "vanity" also refers to the installed thing in a bathroom that holds a sink, and beneath it cupboards, drawers, or shelves.
(2) I fell down an internet rabbit hole and discovered that the narrower, shoulder-height version of this furniture is technically a "chest of drawers" and not a "dresser." I grew up using the two terms interchangeably, though. (3) Or not. You do you.


A ruhák az ajtó melletti szekrényben vannak.


They don't read here. Use the little flag to report corrections and whatnot.


wardrobe. used elsewhere interchangeably with cabinet or closet for clothes. oversight i am sure


Why not "the clothing is in the wardrobe which is next to the door?"


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