"How can you like Mizrahit?"

Translation:איך אתה יכול לאהוב מוזיקה מזרחית?

July 26, 2016



Is מוזיקה implied? Is it incorrect to say: איך אתה יכול לאהוב מזרחית?

Based on the English phrase, I wouldn't think to include the word "מוזיקה"

January 2, 2017


I agree with you. Unless it's not obvious that you are talking about music

June 18, 2018


What’s with your hatred of Mizrakhit? As if the whole ‘מוזיקה מזרחית זה בדרך־כלל בלגאן’ embarrassment wasn’t enough, now you’re adding this?

This reeks of classism.

May 28, 2018


I think מוסיקה should also be accepted with a samech.

July 26, 2016


Note that although the spelling מוסיקה, with a ס, was once common, it is now considered wrong by the Academy of the Hebrew Language, and you should write מוזיקה. In any case, virtually everyone says מוזיקה with the "z" sound, so there is no good reason not to write it this way. Same with other words of Greek origin: פיזיקה (not פיסיקה) for physics, מוזאון (not מוסיאון) for museum, etc.

February 27, 2018


That's why I also omitted מוזיקה. The program seems to include sometimes and not others.

September 28, 2017


Yes, I agree. Prejudicial statements about Mizrachim / Sepharadim are not the basis of good humour particularly in light of the history of the state of Israel in that regard. I also agree that it is silly to require "music" when it was only implied in the question.

January 9, 2019


Mizrahi... music? food? poetry? phenotypes? ....a little help?

April 17, 2019


DL didn't accept איך אפשר לאהוב מוזיקה מזרחית. Reported.

May 1, 2019
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