"The Minister of Justice want to close down the courts."

Translation:שר המשפטים רוצֶה לסגור את בתי המשפט.

July 26, 2016

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English should be: "The Minister of Justice wants to close down the courts."

want >> wants


Thanks, next time report.


Ok, I was thinking that one of you all's posts said that the only reports that were working were "my answer should be accepted." So I thought this would be the only way to report it. Are all of the report types working now?


I think you've misunderstood. If you select any of the options other than "my answer should be accepted", then we don't get to see the answer you wrote. This is logical, because they are options like "The dictionary hints on hover over are wrong or missing" and "The sentence is unnatural or has an error", and these have nothing to do with the answer that you have written. If you just type something in the box at the bottom without selecting "my answer should be accepted", then we only receive that, so things like "my answer was right", for example, are not helpful if that is all we receive.


ok, gotcha, thanks for clarifying.

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