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"Yes, I went to school on Monday."

Translation:Do, mi es i i'r ysgol ddydd Llun.

July 26, 2016



Why was "Do, es i ysgol dydd Llun" not accepted? The English didn't ask for 'the school'.


Welsh uses y with places we go to regularly, especially to just one of them. It is rather like English expressions such as 'I went to the pub/cinema/park/local museum, ...' but used even more widely. So:

  • Es i i'r capel/eglwys/ysbyty/ysgol/dafarn/gwely....


But the English sentence is just asking about going to school not a specific school


That makes no difference to the Welsh pattern. The two languages work in different ways.


I left out the "mi" and it was not accepted. Why is it mandatory here?


Mi in this pattern is never mandatory. The version Do, es i i'r ysgol ddydd Llun is one of the accepted alternative answers.

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