"Esik az eső és a hangyák lesietnek a kerítésről a föld alá."

Translation:It is raining and the ants hurry off the fence, under the ground.

July 26, 2016

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These sentences are way too difficult for foreigners.


Not as much difficult, as they are stupid and with wrong English.


the English is so sad!! "the fence under the ground?? really


-------- from the fence to underground . . .

Big 27 apr 19


Grr for another sentence we had to put first where they were going to, and here it's first where they are coming from! Couldn't Duo keep one patternm or accept both?


But underground from the fence is rejected. Come on!


These sentences will not help with normal conversation. Difficult or complex sentences would be great if they were useful.


your translation puts the fence under the ground.


This sentence is not only "too difficult", but too literally and not natural. The ants don't "lesietnek", but " gyorsan lemásznak"


The translations of "le-" verbs seem arbitrary. They are sometimes "down from," "off of," off from," "away from," etc. These variations generally mean the same thing. They should be offered as alternatives when you scroll over the word, or, at the very least, they should be accepted as correct when the agree with the definition offered. In this example, "lesietnek" is offered as "hurry down" when you hover the word, but that is marked incorrect. Please be more consistent. Yes, I am learning a lot. But I waste a lot of time re-doing a sentence, until I remember the exact (arbitrary) translation approved in the lesson.


It is raining and the ants hurry down from the fence to below the ground - again a question of idiomatic English.


'... to below ground' would be more natural English


It is raining and the ants Harry of the fence under the ground

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