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«Алё» vs. «Алло»

Здравствуйте всем!

Then doing an exercise in the unit ‘Phrases 2’, a exercise told me to translate ‘Hello (then answering the phone)’ into English. I translated it as ‘алё’ but got marked correct. Is there really any between ‘алло’ and ‘алё’?

I do not think so. I asked my mother, whose native language is Russian, and she said that ‘алло’ is just a more westernised form of ’алё’ but did not say much more. Is this correct? Is ‘алё’ vs. ‘алло’ a regional difference?

July 26, 2016



"Алло" in relation to "алё" is no more westernised than "что" to "чё" and "здравствуйте" to "драсте". As many others above pointed out, it's just the proper, not colloquially reduced word form, but I would like to emphazise that "correct Russian" doesn't equal "westernised Russian". "Correct Russian" also doesn't equal "posh".


"Allo" is also a more posh way of answering the phone, the way the intelligentsia would do it, whereas "alë" is a simpler form.


I second this. "алё" is just a more (often deliberately) colloquial form, if such a term is applicable to an interjection.


Это я не знал. Болбшое спасибо!

Also, congratulations on your 100th streak!


Hmm, are you sure about that? I have definitely heard my mother answering the phone with ‘алло’ is, I promise you, she does definitely not belong to the ‘intelligentsia.’ She spent last night sitting on the balcony, drinking, playing Russian music and talking with her friend.


You are right, intelligentsia has nothing to do with it. I also disagree about it being"posh", it's just regular proper speech, noone will think you are the Queen of England if you use it. I do, and I am definitely not the Queen.


I completely agree with this. "Алло" is just the standard form, nothing posh about it.


It is similar to "what's up" and "sup": you can use both forms but "алло" is preferable.


Thank you for responding. Большое спасибо!


Алё is incorrect form of Алло. It is better to say Алло. A lot of people here just say "Да" when answer the phone.


R_Andersson, how do you type those symbols on the Cyrilic keyboard? I have my layout set to Russian Cyrillic and I have stickers on my keys but I can't find these symbols: « »


Actually, it does not seam to be any way to type those characters on the Russian Cyrillic keyboard layouts, this is because the Russian keyboard layouts does not allow so many layers. For example, in a Latin-based keyboard you can type the characters ( and ) but pressing Shift+8 and Shift+9 respectively. This also works in Russian. On a Latin-base keyboard you can also type the characters [ and ] by pressing Alt Gr+8 and Alt Gr+9, this does not work on a Russian keyboard since those layers does not exist.

Now to the issue of typing « ». I typed them on a Swedish keyboard before switching to the Russian keyboard to type ‘алло’ and ‘алё.’ Since you live in Andalusia, I assume you can type them on a Spanish keyboard layout since they are the standard quotations marks used in Spain. In case you can not: they are typed by holding Alt Gr while pressing down Z (for «) and X (for »).

So, for typing those quotation marks, you will have to switch between the Spanish keyboard and Russian keyboard. On the Spanish keyboard layout, you type them by pressing Alt Gr + Z and Alt Gr + X.

Note that you do not have to write those quotation marks if you don’t want to, unless you are writing a paper or article in Russian. You can always use the simple " " (which are produced by pressing Shift +2.) Don’t worry to much about which quotation mark you use, the most important is what you write, not how you write it. If you write a magnificent text in Russian, no one will or at least should care which quotation marks you use.

Good luck which your studies of the Russian language! Удачи вам!


On the chance you're a user of the ENG INTL keyboard layout, those symbols are then AltRt + [ and AltRt + ]

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