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"יש לי בעיה במחשב שלי כתוצאה מהשינויים שהם עשו לו."

Translation:I have a problem on my computer as a result of the changes that they made to it.

July 26, 2016



Unfortunately, this is the most useful sentence I have ever learned on Duolingo.


a) It's not giving me the option of saying my answer should have been accepted. b) "I have a problem on my computer as a result of the changes that they did to it." should be accepted.


I am trying to file a report on this, and it is not registering. Anyone else have problems with this?


Meta footnote here - there a rather general problem, in many of these examples, with UK English versions being rejected because "that" is expected and "which" is rejected at the start of subordinate clauses.

( Almost worth a general search and replace to add "which" as an accepted synonym in all subordinate clauses right across the database - I sometimes feel that I have had to memorise as much US grammatical convention as Hebrew to make any progress in this course :-)


The answer was completely filled in when I opened the page.


I wrote the sentence in Hebrew, and the answer is in English. The demand was "write what you hear" not "translate". Anyway, I enjoy the app, thank you.

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