I Don't Know What To Do!

Hey! Just so you guys know, I'm fluent in English and Spanish. I've tried to learn everything from Japanese, Bulgarian, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Korean, and many others, but I have a problem: I cannot seem to stick to one. I know bits and pieces of many langauges, but for some reason I'm not sure why I can't just choose one to learn and to be dedicated. I love the idea of learning langauges, but I'm not a patient person, and love progress, and when I don't see it, or I face an aspect of the langauge that seems new or difficult to me, I quit. I've been trying to learn these langauges multiple times, and it's becoming annoying. Can someone give me suggestions as to how I can be consistent and how to choose just one langauge and stick to it??

July 26, 2016


Re-evaluate the reasons you want to learn all your languages. Maybe you don't want to learn a language that you did a year ago.

July 26, 2016

Hi, since this is not about "Duolingo for Schools" could you please edit your post and change the topic to "Duolingo"? That will put your post in the general forum where more people will see it and they might have some good experiences or advice that could help you.

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July 28, 2016

you can learn vietnamese

July 27, 2016

Can you choose the one you want to work on and set a goal, whether it be 5 minutes a day or 10, whatever you choose. When you start to get bored, talk to yourself like you spoke to us here. Say, "Self, I am getting bored, it's becoming tedious, it's too hard, (whatever is happening) and say I am going to stick it out. Use a timer. I love timers. Remember, too, to have realistic expectations. If learning a language is difficult for you, realize that it will take a long time to learn one and that is normal. Best of luck!

July 27, 2016

If the problem is just not knowing wich language you want to learn, maybe try to ask yourself wich is the best one for your future, the one you'll probably need to speak.... I mean, for example I love Italian (I am italian) but it's kind of useless since only italian people speak it. While half of the planet speaks spanish. Unless you're attracted to the culture or maybe you want to go to live there Italian seams to be less usefull than other languages. But then of course it is so beautifull than you can find it attractive just for how it sounds or have your reasons. I'm only trying to say that you should try to find which language you really want to learn, and for that it's maybe better if you have a goal to reach with that language. Then you'll stick to it because you want to reach that goal. Learning a language is good but learning it just to learn something isn't a sufficient reason.

August 13, 2016
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