"A turisták nem a spanyol bankban vannak, hanem a török szállodában."

Translation:The tourists are not in the Spanish bank, but in the Turkish hotel.

July 26, 2016

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How do you say "at the bank" as opposed to " in the bank"?


"A banknál".

As a location, it means "by the bank", "next to the bank". But if you work "at a bank", you can also say it in Hungarian like that: "Egy banknál dolgozom."


So does this mean that "egy bankban dolgozom" means "I work in a bank," and NOT "I work at a bank?"


Let's say it is closer to "I work in a bank". It is more concrete, more specific, definitely.
When you say you work at such-and-such company, that is usually best translated with "-nál"/"-nél".


OK, thanks. I'm getting conflicting responses from Duo.


Well, there can be exceptions. The "-nál"/"-nél" suffix refers to a company, not a building. Some places are more frequently referred to as buildings, locations. Sometimes the two blend together because the distinction is not really important. Or both versions are used with a slightly different meaning. So, there could be a small confusion.


The sudden change of voice was a surprise!


Kimaradt egy "in" a "but" után!


I like the new Please repeat but slower button!


It seems to me the [k] sound in "bankban" is hardly heard (or at least softened to a [g]).

Is this a thing?


kinda. it still supposed to be pronounced, but the surrounding letters make it a bit awkward and results in a bit muted k.

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