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  5. "הם עוצרים את הייצור."

"הם עוצרים את הייצור."

Translation:They stop the manufacturing.

July 26, 2016



"They are stopping production" would probably be a more natural translation.


Agreed. I said "they're stopping manufacturing," which should also be accepted.


Agreed. 'The production' is not natural for a native English speaker.


What is better: לעצור או להפסיק?


I get the sense that לעצור is more along the lines of physical stopping, whereas להפסיק is more like we might say colloquially where I come from (in Canada) to "quit" doing something. For instance, you can "quit" bothering someone and "quit" working (for the day, or on a break). Whereas you wouldn't "quit" your car at the intersection, you'd "stop" it, because it's more of a physical thing. Another thought: if you think of הפסקה as taking a break, you'd probably use להפסיק (same shoresh and binyan) anytime you're taking a short break. In this case, if this sentence above said הם מפסיקים לייצור, instead of עוצרים, I might assume that production was going to be resumed at some point, they were just on a break, whereas this sounds to me as if it's finished for good. I hope some of that makes sense... I have no grammatical training, just speak, read, and write Hebrew a lot these days. :-)


Audios a little confusing can someone post it


הֵם עוֹצְרִים אֶת הַיִּצּוּר. Hem otzrim et ha yitzur.

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