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  5. "This is our synagogue."

"This is our synagogue."

Translation:Це наша синагога.

July 26, 2016



Переклад 'це Є наша синагога' також правильний!


The usage of copula "є" in the modern standard Ukrainian is characteristic for the scientific, business, or journalistic style. In the spoken language copula "є" is not used, except for some special cases, for example, if the same word is used as subject and predicate: "Життя є життя." (p. 44)

To me the sentence does not look like one of those styles, so using "є" here sounds unnatural. Although, it may be used in some dialects.


Такий переклад допускається!


Why we learning before words: "mosque" and "synagogue" before "church", Ukraine is a christian orthodox country, l'm right?

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