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"Der Dienst"

Translation:The service

February 1, 2013



First of all, as all nouns ending on -ung "Dienstleistung" is feminine: die Dienstleistung, die Dienstleistungen. "Dienstleistung" refers to a concrete service, e.g. serving meals or cutting people's hair. "Dienst", which is masculine, however refers to a more official context, where e.g. public servants "Dienst haben" or e.g. physicians and nurses in a hospital have also "Dienst" which can be seen on a "Dienstplan" - duty-roster. In a McDonalds restaurant you can have both: the person receiving your order does a "Dienstleistung" but on the same time she/he has "Dienst", as e.g. she/he doesn't work the whole day.


It seems to me that a more apropriate translation for "Dienst" would be duty, no?


what is the difference between "der Dienstleistung" and "der Dienst". Both are listed as "service" in the drop down dictionary.

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