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  5. "Kontoret åbnes klokken ti."

"Kontoret åbnes klokken ti."

Translation:The office is opened at ten.

July 26, 2016



The office opens at 10 is continuous. (The office opens at 10 every day) The office is open at 10 could signify a once only event.(The office is open at 10 today only) The office is opened/is being opened signifies a short duration: (the office is opened at 10 for one hour only, then shut)


The office is open at 10 o'clock should be also right?


No, "is open" is different from "is opened at".

"The office is open at 10 o'clock" is a statement.

"The office is opened at 10 o' clock" is in the passive voice; it places emphasis on the action of the store being opened at 10 o'clock.

The skill being tested here is the "passive voice" after all.


Can't I say "kl. ti"? Isn't that how it's often written in Danish? I guess they just want the full written version here.


"Kontoret åbnes klokken 10" was marked wrong and there's no option in the feedback form related to this


The office is opened at 10:00. Mine was counted wrong because I wrote "at 10:00." This is correct for writing ten o'clock. Why was it marked wrong?


I was marked wrong for "the office is being opened at ten o'clock".


Why "The Office is opened ten o'clock" was not accepted

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