"Ez a szín csúnya."

Translation:This color is ugly.

July 26, 2016

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This is an ugly color. Why would this not be accepted? Is it simply about word order? Or should it be accepted?


Ez egy csúnya szín.

Word order and the wrong article (the original has the Hungarian definite article a, you used the English indefinite article "an").


In the sentence Ez a szín csúnya., the adjective csúnya is used as a predicate adjective. How can we determine that? From the relative placement of the adjective to the noun (subject). If an adjective comes right in front of a noun (subject), i.e. between the article/determinative and the noun (subject), it is used as an attributive adjective. If it comes after the noun (subject) or before the article/determinative, it is used as a predicative adjective.
So, the parts are:


*van (implied verb) => is
csúnya (adjective) => ugly


szín (noun) => color
ez (determinative) => this
a (definite article) => the

If you want to translate this structure into English, you will have to uphold the predicative usage of the adjective. To accomplish this objective, you have to separate subject and predicate parts.

this + the + color => this color


ugly + is => is ugly, ugly is

This leaves us with the result:

This color is ugly.


Egyetértek, narancs nagyon csúnya!


De ki mondta, hogy narancsról beszélünk...? De ugyanugy nem is szép szín lol


Azt feltételeztem, hogy a szín narancssárga, mert a színről csúnya, amelyik ők beszélnek. ;)

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