i am braziliam

Hi i am braziliam,i am happy but my dream is to go live in the state or states canada I can speak a little English because of thank Duolingo you are helping me then you who are Brazilian or American is oh my request as thank you friend just get a site worth and bye

July 26, 2016

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Hi, I live in Teutônia, 100km far from Porto Alegre, in the state of Rio Grande do SUl. I dream with a big jorney whit my bycicle by USA. I also speak a little English, what I learned by Wizard and Duolingo. I speak very vell Germany, beacause my friends and my relatives also speak. What do you like to play? I don't know to play musical instruments, but i like to play soccer.


You are so close to me. I live in Porto Alegre and I am very happy to find a compatriot of those Pampas.

Regards, Renato Krause

Live in Brazil is better than in US

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