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Warm-up mode

Here's a little scenario that plays itself out frequently.

I log in to Duolingo in the evening after work, ready to do a lesson. I open the "Practice weakest words" and immediately get the first one almost right. So I get frustrated and quit.

This repeats most nights and I feel like I'm not practicing as much as I should.

But! If there was a warm-up mode, a mode where words and phrases Duolingo knows I know were presented to get me "in the mood", even if it were worth only 1 coin instead of 10, I might stick around to try and get my 100 for the day.

Know what I mean?

February 1, 2013



try practising the vocabulary of one of your first lessons ....


Ah! Thanks. I thought that "Practice weakest words" and practicing in a specific lesson were the same thing. Cheers. :)


I regularly go back and go through all the lessons and repeat each one until I get them all perfectly. It is very helpful if frustrating because of the number of mistakes I make on words that I know very well but translate incorrectly such as the and a simply because of inattention. Of course that is what accurate translation is all about.

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