"Men walk to the blue curtain, whereas women to the pink curtain."

Translation:A kék függönyhöz férfiak sétálnak, a rózsaszín függönyhöz pedig nők.

July 26, 2016

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I'm rather confused. In the Colors skill "rózsaszínű" was used for pink, but here it's "rózsaszín." Is there something I'm missing? XD


I will have to check out the Colors skill but, anyway, here are my thoughts:

"Color" is "szín".
"Rose" is "rózsa".

And "-colored" is " színű", an adjective.

To describe the color of something, you can just use the name of the color, or you can also add "-colored". This is totally optional.

A "yellow flower" can be "sárga virág" or "sárga színű virág". A "blue car" can be "kék autó" or "kék színű autó".

You see where this is going.

"Pink" is "rózsaszín". "Szín" is part of the word. So, I don't know if it is confusion or what, but you can use either "rózsaszín" or "rózsaszínű" when describing the color of something. It is up to you. But "rózsaszínű" is strictly an adjective. The name of the color is "rózsaszín". (probably).

Also, "orange" is "narancssárga". But you can also say "narancsszínű". (Maybe this should be two words.)

Here is a little practice:



I figured that "rózsaszínű" was strictly an adjective, but I didn't know "rózsaszín" could be an adjective in addition to a noun.

It's mainly confusion because the Colors skill shows solely "rózsaszínű" — as far as I saw — and this sentence is the first time I've encountered "rózsaszín" in this course. Part of why I asked was that rózsaszínű was marked as incorrect.

The sentence I wrote for this was: Férfiak a kék függönyökhöz sétálnak, nők pedig a rózsaszínű függönyökhöz.

It was marked wrong both due to syntax and the word "rózsaszínű."


Yes, all the color names are also adjectives. "Rózsaszín" is just a special case. I think both versions should be accepted in most cases. This is probably another one of those things that nobody thought of. So it needs to be reported. The word "rózsaszínű" is correct in your sentence.


Awesome! Thanks for the response. ^_^


Férfiak a kék függönyhöz sétálnak, nők pedig a rózsaszín függönyhöz.

In my opinion, they have no idea about the Hungarian language


This is horrible... There's the variant where the focus is on men/women instead of the colours, and it is not accepted.

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