"These churches too are like those ones on the mountain."

Translation:Ezek a templomok is olyanok, amilyenek azok ott a hegyen.

July 27, 2016

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Ezek a templomok is olyanok, amilyenek azok a hégyen ?

Where is "there" in the English sentence or is it somehow necessary in the Hungarian translation ?


You are right. It is a little mismatch in the translation.
"Ott" is not required in the Hungarian sentence. It just means "(over) there". So I guess this should be reported.


I was not expecting "ott" to be there, either. I've seen plenty of Hungarian sentences using "ott" in contexts where I wouldn't use "there" in English, but I wouldn't know how to put "ott" in a sentence unless the English explicitly had "there" in it. It didn't even occur to me to use that word.


Correct. It should not be in the Hungarian sentence, unless they change the English sentence to also have a "there".

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