"Do you speak on the phone under the tall tree?"

Translation:A magas fa alatt telefonálsz?

July 27, 2016

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The answer to the question ''Do you speak on the phone under the tall tree?'' is incorrect. The right answer is: ''Beszelsz a telefonon egy magas fa alatt?'' The Hungarian answer '' A magas fa alatt telefonalsz?'' is incorrect, as it's translation in English would be: ''Are you phoning under the tall tree?'' - It's interpretation would be as someone is using the phone to call a person under a tall tree, and not to chat with someone under it.


Both "telefonálni" and "to speak on the phone" express that the subject is chatting with somebody using a phone. They are correct translations of each other.


Not really. Hungarian is much more complicated than that. ''Telefonalni'' is not the same as chatting with someone. It means to call someone.


I don't see anything complicated with "telefonálni". I use it when I mean the subject is on the phone, talking to someone.

  • "Ne zavarj, telefonálok!"
  • "Miért mindig akkor kell telefonálnod, amikor alszom?"
  • "Most épp telefonálsz?"

I think that "to call someone" is more equal to "(fel)hívni valakit":

  • "When will you call me?" -- "Mikor hívsz fel?"
  • "I can't call you tomorrow." -- "Holnap nem tudlak felhívni."
  • "Peti is calling Nóra." -- "Peti hívja Nórát."

"Telefonál" couldn't be used in these cases, at least not with a direct object. You can say telefonál valakivel, but it's just plain unnatural in the first two examples, and still not the best in the third one.


Telefonalni egy dolog, telefonon beszelni az meg ketto. Nem mindegy, es szerintem helytelenul van hasznalva.


I have to agree with Shamarth on this one.
Both "telefonálni" and "telefonon beszélni" can be used to describe a phone conversation in progess. Also to describe the general activity of talking on the phone. "Sokat telefonálok" - "I talk on the phone a lot".

But "telefonálni" can also mean "to make a phone call".

"I need to make a phone call" - "Telefonálnom kell".

And yes, you can't add a direct object to this sentence. Only a location:

"Odatelefonálok az iskolába" - "I make a phone call to the school"


"Felhívom az igazgatót" - "I call/phone the principal."

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