"Czy ta kanapka zawiera mięso?"

Translation:Does this sandwich contain meat?

July 27, 2016

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Why not "Does this sandwich include meat?"? I agree that "contain" is more natural, but "include" is not wrong.


I asked a native, here's the answer:

I don't think so. The ingredients in this sandwich include cheese but the the sandwich itself contains cheese.


Honestly, it is very annoying that 33% of all Polish audio has a wrong intonation. And it is terribly counterproductive for students who learn Polish mostly here with this course.


I have to agree with that. Im polish and that hurts my ears that someone could misspell the pronunciation that bad


Ashibaal's comment is 5 years old and refers to completely different audio, which was way worse. I don't hear any problem with this sentence, could you please say what hurts you here?

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