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Anyone know roughly when Italian is planned to be unleashed upon us?

Anyone know roughly when Italian is planned to be unleashed upon us?

June 13, 2012



Yesterday (6 December), Duolingo posted on their Facebook page: "Sapete cosa arriva tra poco?" Which means "Do you know what comes soon?" in Italian...


So far, from what I have managed to gather, Portuguese (Brazil) is next in line with Chinese soon to follow. I find this unfortunate since I came to Duolingo to start "refreshing" my Italian with the possibility of beginning Portuguese (Portugal) after having reviewed and expanded on my German. I posed a question resembling this one a few days ago though have yet to draw any attention.


Posted on Twitter late September: "Our newly-hired Italian team!" http://twitter.com/duolingo/statuses/251752707969392640


I have already learnt some Italian, but I wanted to learn more here at duolingo! Oh well, I have always wanted to learn spanish as well, so that is what I am doing here now. :)


I don't know, but I have that same question. Italian is the language I'd hope comes online next!


I also signed up for Duolingo to learn Italian, but I understand that there are priorities for these types of decisions.

Nonetheless, I'd welcome some beginning Italian help! :)


Yeah, i already know english and spanish. I wanted Italian next


I also signed up for duolingo mainly to learn Italian. I would really like to practice my italian more on this website.


I'm learning Spanish here but really look forward to improving my Italian. It would be nice to know roughly when this might happen?


The Portuguese beta came shortly after English for Portuguese speakers. There is English for Italian speakers, now, so my guess is soon. They'd posted a picture of their Italian team on twitter a few months ago.


Is there an Italian Duolingo ? Am doing the French -love it.

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