"Az oroszlán zebrára vadászik az erdőben."

Translation:The lion hunts for zebras in the forest.

July 27, 2016

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But lions hunt on the szavanna!


Yes! Hey, at least they had half of the sentence right...


Zebras don't live in forests either...


why is zebras in plural? I had the lions hunts for a zebra and it was rejected.


Plular is needed to express the target of the hunt in general, it's true for any other example. Your sentence means that more than one lion is targeting one poor zebra, slightly different from the general statement of the example.


If it's "zebras", should that be zebrákra?

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My guess is that it is similar to English, in that if you say ¨They hunt lion .¨ (singular) you are implying the plural as well. If you want to say they are only hunting a single animal, you say ¨they hunt a lion¨ and you add the article to specify that it is a single animal being hunted. Can someone more knowledgeable confirm this?


You would think that, but if you put the translation as "the lion hunts zebra in the forest," Duo marks it wrong, despite that being an acceptable English sentence.


In Hungarian we use singular in a general statement.

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If zebras are being hunted, don´t we need to change the word zebra to indicate it is a direct object? Would it not be zebárat (adding the t) to show the direct object?


Lions hunt zebras -- sounds more in English. This is the more general statement for the fact that "az oroszlanok zebrara vadasznak."


No.The plural of zebra is zebra. Like deer and fish.


Why not "A lion is hunting a zebra in the forest"?

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