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  5. "Znasz tego chłopca?"

"Znasz tego chłopca?"

Translation:Do you know this boy?

July 27, 2016



I answered "do you know that boy" and it got marked as correct. But reading up on demonstrative pronouns it seems like accusative of ´that´ should be tamtego. So shouldnt my answer be wrong?


If immery was here she would give you a better answer, but basically, Polish doesn't care much about this/that distinction as long as you don't have to show the contrast between them (This dog is black and that one is white). So in most cases, both "this" and "that" are accepted here.


Whether Polish doesn't care about the difference between "this" and "that", I am going to translate "tego" as "this" and "tamtego" as "that". I just think it is easier that way since that is the correct translation for each word. Plus, we beginners don't need to be confused even more when Polish is already a very complicated language.


I approve wholeheartedly :)


Polish is getting real with me right now :D Where did "Te" for "This" go to? And where is the "go" coming from to join "Te"?


"This" (ten) has a bunch of different forms in Polish, depending on gender, number, case and animacy. Since "chłopca" is singular masculine animate accusative, you must use the appropriate form of the demonstrative pronoun "ten". Take a look at this table to see all forms:



I answered "you know this boy". It doesn't sound like a question to me. Marked wrong.


The audio may sound wrong (the intonation is often wrong) but you still see the question mark when translating, don't you?

Still, your answer should have been accepted, it's on the list of correct ones. If a Polish question doesn't start with "czy", we allow to interpret it as a surprised "What? You know this boy?!", so it works.


Thanks for replying. I must have missed the question mark.


any reason why it's pronounced as "Snasz" instead of "Znasz"?


I think it's a natural pronouncion mistake. A human voice is not very perfect otherwise. It may get noticed when you talk your own language. How perfect can you?


Your name means "Finnish speaker", right?

And yet, there is no Finnish course on Duo :-(


Yes, you're right. I'm a bit disappointed that there's no Finnish course. Because I'm Finnish-speaking, the Finnish course would be the finest alternative to learn English. After all, there is the Swedish course that I can learn.


Well, maybe there will be in April 2020 :-)


guy should be acceptetd for "chlopca"!


I beg to differ, a guy can be an older person, but a chłopiec can't.

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