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Tinycards is here!

Hello everyone,

We are SO proud to announce that we have successfully launched Tinycards, the new and fresh flashcard experience by Duolingo!

In case you haven’t heard, Tinycards is made by Duolingo, which means that you can log in with your Duolingo account, practice on official language decks by Duolingo, and learn all sorts of content through a bite-sized and satisfyingly fun deck system. Oh, and it is also 100% free!

For now, it is only available on iOS (other platforms to come!). If you have an iOS device, give it a go—create a Tinycards deck or learn something new from an existing one. And please come back to let us share your suggestions in the comments! We’re still working hard on it and really appreciate the input of Duolingo users.

Visit the tiny.cards website and learn more about it, and follow @tinycardsapp on Twitter to stay up-to date on all news about features and decks -- you can also sign up to be notified when it is available on other platforms. ♥

July 27, 2016



I can't get the app! I really want it, can anyone say how soon there will be a website or Android app?


And Windows , too . I would like to be on Windows .


I'd also love to see it on my Windows Phone.


your streak be like 3 years bro!


I know! That's so cool-he IS a moderator though.


There are a lot of apps missing on the windows store, so it would be so great to find this app on it !!! :D


I guess that this will never happen. Sad but true (I guess).


En windows ya está, ahora a mi me gustaría que tinicards esté en español para aprender francés, inglés y ruso.


Simple Answer
I love the way it is set out, it looks nice and clean not like other apps where they are all cramped up, thanks for making this app it is a great way to learn languages that aren't on Duolingo ♥.

And please don't be making updates saying "bugs fixed and performance improved... it starts to get annoying after a while


Gonna agree, Quizlet filled a much needed void during my college experience and while I was trying to supplement a gap while learning Cherokee...I used Quizlet to make excercises out of the few Cherokee textbooks I could get my hands on. It does not have a clean look or feel, is gummed up with ads, and just not an attractive app. It was free though, and it worked. Memrise is tonnes better, and I think Duo can do it better if they really want to. That said, I hope this doesn't pull focus away from adding languages to the incubator (and coaching stalled languages out of the incubator...)


Woah, you know Cherokee?!? That's amazing! Incubate that!!! It would be incredible to learn!


wow you study a lot of languages :)


same its so exciting that im crying lol


Guys, it's been confirmed by Luis on an AMA Live Chat that it is coming to Android and the Web.

Now the arrival date? Not sure but at least we know it's heading in that direction.


Yay! Thank you, I'm glad it's coming soon.


It's been two months.


Good first release. Very easy to use, but....

Sync progress to Tinycards for official courses. Sync strengthening back to Duolingo for same.

Need to practice decks offline.

Create a separate forum (topic) for Tinycards.

For creators...

Needs bulk import from spreadsheet for creating decks. <-very important

Perhaps have option to use platform TTS for languages, if you do not have a full set licensed yourself.

Allow use of Duolingo graphics, in addition to import of device images and Internet search.


Being able to import from .csv files would be great.


Improve the search functions.


Thanks Jim & Lento (jaja).

Nested folders would be awesome.


Well, I've never been able to use the app but thank you both for sharing problems that there are that way i know what to keep in mind for the future when the web version comes out! Well, all i can do for now is read the comments and think about the yugioh jokes i can make about people making decks.


Agree. Making decks is difficult; I would love to switch the order of cards, or be able to make decks on the computer for instance. Phone is not the easiest input device.


I think mobile is great if you want to quickly create a small deck, but not for anything big or complicated.

Hopefully the web version when it comes out, will have more control .... and more features ... like importing decks from a file etc.

No date has been given for the web though.


Could you make it a website?


Like where we can learn on a PC?


I think they are making it, there currently isn't a place to learn on a PC, I would like to know when it will be available as it seems quite interesting.


That's good. Oui, it does sound very interesting, so that is why I would like to see it on a PC. I hope they do!


Me too. I have nothing on my phone but phone calls. Have messaging blocked because it is too small for me to read.


They'll probably wait to see if it does well on iOS before they make a website version.


pssst I can't tell you when it will be available for Android/Web/Windows, but it is clear that you really, really want it to be (I also use an Android ♥). What we non-iOS users can do right now is to sign up to be notified as Tinycards becomes available on other platforms. Just go to the website tiny.cards and select "Don't have an iOS device?".


Done! :-)

This information might be worth a post of its own (a locked one)...


Thanks vivisaurus! I've signed up... can't wait for the Android version! :)


:) I love when you come back here with info <3



One thing to consider is IPA support. [No don't laugh ... not yet anyway!]

In addition to your current language list (where you select the TTS in deck settings for each deck face) you could add IPA as an additional option.

Then a fact containing an IPA character, could have the corresponding sound played during tests.

This would allow a lot more useful decks to be created. Particularly for languages not in your current (TTS) language list. But also for any language where you want to teach the pronunciation of the alphabet or equivalent. For example: I gave up on the Hangul deck, as there was no audio.

For users who do not know IPA:

Given that most people do not know IPA, perhaps add a 'I know IPA' user setting (that is defaulted to no). This would hide the fact item that contains an IPA character, where IPA is selected for that deck face (as the language). This is so the IPA characters do not confuse users that are not familiar with them. They would never see or be tested on the IPA character itself. They would only experience the audio during review and testing.

There is a deck available to learn the IPA, that is called International Phonetic Alphabet. The description of that deck, or similar decks, could prompt users to change their setting, once they have completed it.

I hope I have explained this well. It just seems like a small change, that most people wouldn't even notice, but would add a lot of benefit - especially in decks teaching different alphabets/scripts or pronunciation etc. Functionality without adding much visible complexity.


OK, I have seen it claimed, that some languages have variations of the IPA, which might mean more than one IPA had to be listed in the language selection list. Also should a virtual IPA keyboard appear if deck creators have selected IPA as the language for the face being edited? Or perhaps just a button to make it appear? Or force them to copy-paste the characters in? Or perhaps even a lookup using a semantic web interface (to a site like Wiktionary or Wikipedia or wherever this is defined adequately and is accessible in a structured way)? Also, I doubt users (learning the deck) should ever have to enter IPA characters in a test, even though they have said they know IPA in their settings. It doesn't seem practical or useful. There may be other problems to sort out. However, I think the benefit of providing phonetic audio for languages not in the currently handled (TTS) language list, is much greater than any problems like these.


It isn't so much that some languages have variations of the IPA, it's that there are variations of characters for sounds and variations of sets of characters, and not all languages use the same characters or sets, since not everyone agrees which character or set is the cardinal one. An additional problem is that not all characters show up for all users on all systems.

A basic familiarity with IPA would be very useful, however. That I will heartily endorse. Wikipedia has a number of charts available, some with audio (I haven't looked at them all, so I don't know if they all have them.)


Thanks for the feedback. I hope I have understood you.

Regarding custom IPAs: I tried searching for where this was stated but couldn't find the reference. I have a vague idea that the claim was made about Hungarian, but had no luck in Google. I just remember reading about it and thinking it sort destroyed the idea of the IPA, if you had to customise the sound of the existing IPA characters. [Or was this what you were saying - that there is no consistent and universal set of sounds for the IPA characters?]

Regarding different representations in the IPA: I agree... you get more than one IPA entry listed in Wiktionary for example. So a USA IPA representation and UK IPA representation for the same English word. I assume the same is true for some alphabets etc. I could imagine a deck creator having to say (in the deck description text) which country (or region) the IPA characters were for. I see this as a feature though - you could create some very specific decks - and not be bound by whatever the TTS was defined for.

I would assume that the IPA fact item, would appear like an image to learners (who know IPA). No entry required. Other learners would only see the speaker icon for that fact item. There are IPA fonts out there, so Tinycards could use one to allow a consistent IPA editing experience for the creators. I imagine most of the time creators would be copy-pasting from Wikipedia.

I also thought that having an IPA fact item (that could be hidden) might encourage IPA use. Currently, why bother learning it, if very few decks use it, and why bother creating an IPA deck, if very few people learn it. It's a deadlock.


I suspect that a big part of the reason people don't use IPA is because they don't know it exists, and if they do know, using the special characters is such a PITA that they don't bother.

But about custom IPAs: I don't think I've ever seen that phrase, and the idea of using a character to mean something other than what it is generally accepted to mean isn't quite what I meant. What I did mean is that different groups of scholars may converge on different graphemes to represent a sound, and much academic discussion occurs as they hash out which, if either, is to be considered the cardinal grapheme for that sound. That, or two groups use the same grapheme for different sounds, and bicker about which group is right.

In addition, some scholars may not use a particular grapheme at all. For instance, I own a book called 'Phonetic Symbol Guide' by Pullum and Ladusaw, 1986, which claims to be an encyclopedia of phonetic transcription. A casual perusal comes up with a dotted a (å), which they call 'a with over-dot', and which they give short shrift because it is not in general American usage. But tell that to the Norwegians, who use it All. The. Time.

The utility of IPA for TinyCards is, as far as I can figure out (I haven't looked very hard at the TC app) is that if one could get a coherent IPA set for that language, one could make a deck with it, and thereby practice the spoken version of the language. Even a truncated version of IPA would likely help with most (though not all!) vocabulary, assuming the specialized characters don't show up as blank boxes on your screen because your computer is confused. It is this latter effect which I would presume would cause the most issues -- if Duolingo cannot guarantee that all users can see all characters, using IPA may actually harm them more than help them.

Currently, it appears that Duolingo uses the standard Roman character set, with select special characters for select languages. The student is beholden to learn what those letters, Roman and special both, sound like in that language. It is a compromise that likely works with most people, most of the time. The addition of IPA may be more trouble than it is worth (though I would argue against that!)


Thanks for all the info.

I am beginning to think that the information, about 'custom' IPAs, was not true and has been removed from Wikipedia, since I came across it years ago. I had another search just now and nothing. Sometimes people like to brag about how complicated or unusual their favorite language is. I am going to put it down to this.

BTW: Rendering should not be a problem, as long as the user has a modern browser (as it should be able to use web fonts etc.)


I have a degree in Linguistics, and nobody's language is more difficult or more easy than anybody else's. All languages have their idiosyncrasies (synthetic languages like Esperanto attempt to avoid this; not all succeed.)

Not everyone has -- or wants -- the newer browsers. Such is life.


Tinycards may or may not be useful, but it seems ironic to me that Duo has put effort into doing something that other providers already do pretty well while abandoning the facility which (AFAIK) is unique to Duo, ie Immersion.


They abandoned Immersion because of legal troubles regarding sell translations in the EU. Though since they're moving their source of income to English testing I don't see why they haven't bothered re-implementing immersion...


"I don't see why they haven't bothered re-implementing immersion..." Because of too much server bandwidth in connection with spending too much time on it while getting almost no money out of it. Users loved immersion, so did I, but they had to shift their business model in order to keep Duolingo for free.


Ugh, so far out of reach from my android hands. :-( If it's not available through a website I hope it will be through Google apps. I like doing Duolingo on my laptop.


It is planned to be released on both Android and Web formats, but no definite date has yet been given. I don't know much about how it functions, but look forward to when this happens, as I also use Duolingo (solely) on a laptop.


It's really bland, could you add some extra features? like if there is a factual error, you can report that and send a little message to the course creator, to let them know what to change.

It would also be nice if Tinycards synced with Duolingo course progress, for example when I strengthen a skill or complete a skill it would update on both DL and Tinycards.

Not the best app.


Thanks for making this post! Sadly, I'm using a PC with Google Chrome so I'm afraid I can't use it :/


Cool! I'll check it out.


This isn't news. The forums have had posts about TinyCards for days now. If you want to give us news about TinyCards tell us when it will get it's own forum, when it will come to Android or the Web.


"This app requires iOS 8.2"—So, not available to people with second-hand phones currently (which can't install anything above iOS something or other, such as my iPhone 4).

Currently, this app plays into Apple's marketing strategy of forcing people to buy upgraded hardware to run software that—I'm sure—could EASILY be handled by the hardware in my current handset. But for some reason anything released after a certain date has software dependencies that mean I can't install it.

Duolingo was built to help provide education for people without resources, I'm sure many others don't have the latest and greatest hardware either. In that spirit, could the developers please look at whether it's possible to rebuild TinyCards so that it's backward compatible as much as possible?


The removal of "add fact" or whatever it was called is EXTREMELY disappointing.

I use these for my Latin classes primarily (as I teach high school Latin). Before I could have a word on one side, its translation on the other, along with a picture to aid memory. For examples, search me on the app (Magister_Smith).

Now I can only put a word on one side and a word on the other. No picture to aid memory. And I can't JUST put a picture as the definition since it may be unclear what exactly I am drawing attention to in the picture.

I cannot express how disappointing this is, and how much less useful this makes these new decks I am making.

Why delete a feature? Your twitter said "users prefer this". But users could simply have not used the feature. Cutting it is a real detriment to those of us who liked it and used it.

Please, PLEASE consider adding this feature back. I honestly cannot understand how taking an optional feature away, which in my mind makes the app much better, can improve anything.

I use this in my classroom. Please help this teacher keep this resource useful, Duolingo.


Hey! We are working on something like that, please check back in the next couple of releases. Thanks for being patient while we try to improve the app =]


That is good to hear. I hope that feature returns.

I continue to use the app for my classroom, but I do not feel it functions in its current form nearly as well as it used to.


Just gave Tiny Cards a try, and so far the decks available for learning Danish are very limited, and not useful to me.

Worse, at least two of the decks I looked at had mistakes. I didn't see a way of flagging this or correcting.

I had hoped Duolingo would add flash cards, but I had in mind something within the app, like a way of adding a word or phrase to a collection that you could access later as flash cards. (Similar to the way on the new Kindle ereaders anytime you look up a word in a book you're reading, it automatically gets saved as a flash card.)

A good place for this would be when you get something wrong. Right now a flag pops up with the Correct Solution and below that is a Report link (same as if you get something right). A more useful link than Report (or in addition to it) would be Add to Flash Cards.

Then there could be a link at the bottom where the options now are Learn, Social and Shop. (Speaking of Shop, I'll never ever come close to spending my 1197 Lingots.) I have no use for Social and Shop especially; flash cards would be so much more helpful.


The decks are created by users, not by Duolingo. (Some are created by Duo staffs but I wouldn't consider them "official decks"). This app's content will be created and distributed by the community itself so no reporting/flagging anymore.


I understand it's user content. But if one can't flag mistakes so that whoever created the deck can fix them, people who don't know any better will learn something incorrectly. I for one wouldn't want to ingrain something into my brain only to later find out it was wrong.

My main point was flash cards would be far more useful inside the Duolingo app itself, where the user could add words, phrases, etc., (by tapping an Add to Flash Cards button or similar) that he needs help with. Not only would the deck of flash cards be super-simple to create, it would be completely personalized for each user.


I just discovered a couple of errors on some decks I wrote, it would have been nice if they could have been flagged up to me.


I tried tiny cards yesterday. I love its Spanish flash cards but I didn't appriciate how I had to choose 3 subjects even though I just wanted to learn spanish. Whenever I log on it is a hassle to find the Spanish cards amidst the random science and history cards. Also I didn't check if you could make your own cards or not but if you can't that definitely needs to be added in. If I were rating it I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars, but i can only say that for Spanish since I am not learning anything else but from the looks of it more subjects will need to be added.


Press the star to add the deck to your favorites tab (star icon) so you won't have to waste time looking for it!


oh ok thats very helpful thx!!

[deactivated user]

    How about a NEW button next to trending. It would save people tons of scrolling through decks they have seen many times.


    I have used this to make over 50 decks for my students (I teach high school Latin).

    If you want to find them, search "Magister_Smith" or "Christopher" (my username) or just search for various Latin/Roman culture grammar topics.

    I do enjoy this app and hope to get a lot of use during the school year, but I wish I had a website I could use, rather than the phone. typing on a keyboard would make constructing the decks a lot easier.

    I also wish I could switch the order of the cards, basically that I had more control over making the decks.

    Good app, I just have a few suggestions to improve it.

    • 3141

    I love it so far, but the follower number displayed isn't accurate for me and it could really use some kind of "browse by category" function.

    [deactivated user]

      Or a "New" tab. The popular tab doesn't change very often.


      Such a streak but no languages, what kind of glitch is that o.O?
      EDIT: I see you in fact have multiple languages, but why the helium doesn't it show them when you comment??

      [deactivated user]

        Try the Search button and enter the subject/category. Search or browse are basically the same thing IMO. I know you knew this, just saying.

        [deactivated user]

          So far i'm really impressed by the new app, and can't wait to see what's done in the future. Right now, the biggest things it needs are:

          1. Official Duolingo courses for all courses.

          2. Better syncing with Duolingo. It just never works.

          3. A "new" tab. Similar to "Your Stream" but it shows new decks not made by followers.

          4. I have noticed the start of this with the new "Suggested" decks and how you advertised some decks on the app store, but I think it would be great to start to get more of this. Down the line, I envion almost an "App Store" for decks. Around the fourth of July, you'd have a banner that advertises "Learn about American history with these great decks", and it would take you to several U.S. history themed decks. Obviously this might work better when you release on web (soon?), but it's just something to consider.

          5. A Tinycards forum here. Please.

          Great app so far!


          Looking forward to trying the Android version. I will be happy to be a beta tester BTW.


          Tiny Cards got worse! I have been busy writing out decks for advanced French learners fully conjugating verbs in 14 different tenses. I have finished Avoir, Étre, Aller and se laver. The cards used to allow you to input additional information in text boxes on the back of the card, this has for some reason recently been removed making it impossible to continue writing these cards for further verbs.

          To explain the problem this has caused:

          Old card
          You had gone.

          Informal singular female.


          Possible answers old card. Tu étais allée .

          New card.

          You had gone

          Possible answers new card. Tu étais allé, Tu étais allée, Vous étiez allés, Vous étiez allées, Tu fus allé, Tu fus allée, Vous futes allés, Vous futes allées,

          The leaner cannot know which of these different responses is required without knowing the additional information as given in the old style of card. This seriously restricts the use of Tinycards for more advanced language learning, Which I took to be their reason for being. I hope it will change back. Bryan


          Hi Vivisaurus! You know when Tinycards will be available for Android?


          I know many people asked for it already, but PLEASE release it for Android! I can't wait anymore!


          why does the language courses in tiny cards not sync when I make progress in ordinary duolingo?


          Tinycards problems:

          • There's no way to report errors or bugs. I encountered a card marked, on the Esperanto side, "for EO" supposedly meaning "away, distant." I believe that "EO" is an error denoting that it's Esperanto -- but it's considered part of the answer.

          • The current app requires you to learn a word exactly as it is on the flash card -- even if taught differently on Duolingo. If the English for a word is, e.g., "Really, truly," tinycards rejects an answer such as "Truly, really." That's not "learning," that's just rote memorization. The app should be able to distinguish that if it teaches me a word meaning, e.g., "supper," and I answer "dinner," that these are acceptable synonyms.


          wow.. please don't forget windowsphone, am waiting for the launch.


          I love Tinycards! I quit using other apps for creating decks. But please give us bundles or folders for organization. Not courses though, unless we can leave everything unlocked.


          It looks interesting, I await it to be available for Android and/or http.


          could you put it on the play store to, because i have an android phone which means i wont be able to access tiny cards :(


          Regarding the removal of Add Fact functionality from the latest release if the app.

          Instead of adding functionality, you are removing it???


          I have been patiently waiting for you to add missing functionality, as I have some ideas I want to try out. However, I am now considering just giving up on you, and using Memrise instead.

          This is ridiculous.


          Can you tell us what the plan is for creating the rest of Duolingo languages in Tinycards? Will you be doing something along the lines of the incubator? I am primarily interested because I created several decks during the beta test related to Irish, and am deciding if I will do any more. If creating the entire Irish vocab will be done by a team (or perhaps through a semi-automated process), I would be happy to help, or at least, to not duplicate the effort.


          Hopefully an Android version will rollout soon.


          Android user. Very grateful I can get Hebrew on my chromebook even though not my android phone yet. Looking forward to tiny cards.


          Is there any ETA on an android version yet?


          The most interesting advantage over Memise, for me, is the aspect of making new decks. Firstly, Tinycards allows to create a deck from the mobile app, (something I've long waited on Memrise) which is great because I need to add words to my own decks as I run into them. Secondly, Tinycards automatically reads the words for you in any language, while Memrise requires you add a voice recording to each card.


          It can read cards in 15 languages, but there are some DL languages that aren't supported, e.g. It can't read Irish.


          Ok, good to know. still a great feature though.


          Can't wait to use it on Android! Duolingo is somewhat addicting to me.


          Careful! There is a Tiny Cards on Android that is not made by Duolingo! It is made by Ciruelo. Hopefully Duolingo's version will use one word "tinycards". So we must pay attention!


          Patiently waiting for the Android version to be released :)


          What about the Android app? There are much more Android phones users worldwide (even inside the US) than iPhone users.


          As soon as It comes to Android I will be using it! thanks for the heads up! I don't have a lot of Ukrainians to practice with so this will help me keep it fresh.


          Love the app! Learned all the European countries locations and names in two days! The art style is really great, and it's fun to use just like Duolingo. Only problem right now is the small amount of content, but that will improve with time obviously. I'd also love if the Duolingo courses synced with the Duolingo decks on Tinycards.

          Thanks for another great free app!


          Suggestion: cards or decks that haven't been unlocked should still be able to be opened. It is good to be able to track what I have done, however, I may well wish to jump into the middle of a course or deck, and it is frustrating to be unable to do so. For example, would like to go through the German course in order, but I want to start somewhere in the middle because I am already competent in the early decks.

          Note: Memrise allows this.

          [deactivated user]

            This is possible. Use the apps search tab to search and find the deck on the skill you want. You can do any deck in that way. Also, by completing a deck like that, separate from a course, you'll unlock all decks in that course up too that point.


            Thanks! That worked great.

            I suspect they may be linking info from our DL progress to Tinycards. When I went to try out your suggestion, I noticed that I can get to any deck in the Spanish course, and each deck is at about three quarters strength. I can assure you that I have not gone through all those Spanish decks, nor did I complete the last one individually (which wouldn't have given me three quarters on all the other decks). That makes sense since they have. Indicated that they would someday enhance the Words functionality- I guess Tinycards is it.

            [deactivated user]

              Thanks. I just unlocked my French vocabulary by doing the last skill (TinyCards). It didn't sync with my completed tree. Better than nothing! Spanish synced on startup of the TC app. Am I correct in thinking this sync is a one way, one time trip? Either way, I'm liking TC!

              [deactivated user]

                That's what I noticed. It sorta syncs when you first login, and that's it.


                Finally German (and other) flashcards with articles! Thank you so much! <3


                I have tried the app and it looks good, but I am missing the Duolingo Italian deck/course. There is Spanish, English and Portuguese, but not Italian so I would stick to Memrise to complement duolingo for the time being.


                I'm not asking for a definite date, just roughly how long might it take before this is available on another platform?


                I finally decided to try out the tiny cards app and, sadly, I am not impressed.

                1) Most importantly; there is no availability for offline use. I know we couldn't hold the entire card database on our wifi only devices; but I would have liked to see something like a draw 25 feature that would allow us to choose up to 25 cards that could be accessed when we have our devices but cannot get online.

                2) What, no Duolingo points for practicing the flashcards? If I can't access these offline and I don't get points for studying them online then what, pray tell, is their advantage over the already existent Duolingo app? Sure that only works online but at least I get points for studying on it and it presents the study in the form of sentences so I am able to study grammar as well as vocabulary at the same time.

                3) When a word has more than one meaning, and the creator has put all meanings on the card, the system requires that the student enter all meanings in the order that the creator put them. This can be confusing and frustrating. Instead why not allow the creators to make cards with more than one correct answer? This is another reason the regular Duolingo app trumps tinycards

                4) I like that any one can create them ... but anyone can share them? I just took a test the other day and only got a 2.35 out of 5 - I don't think I'm qualified yet to be creating study aids for other users. I say let all users still be able to create decks for their own use but only allow those users who either are part of the languages course creation team or who have been able to achieve a 5 out of 5 score on the test share the decks they create.

                5) Why make us choose multiple interests when we first sign up? And for that matter what is with the non language subjects presented? (Listen Duolingo, you have cornered a great niche here in language education and yes it's always good to branch and put your eggs in more than one basket. But, as any blogger can tell you, when a website branches out too much it tends to lose followers. Additionally your site name 'duolingo' implies it is a place for language study and that is what draws people to it; If you must add more to duolingo than the awesomeness of learning another language then why not, instead of courses on math, science, art, and so forth, add courses for native and fluent speakers to teach them about the evolution, history, nomenclature, and nuances of their languages?)


                Re: #3, it is possible to include multiple facts on a card, and when testing, individual facts are used rather than all of the facts, e.g. I created a card with the English word "dog" on the front, and the Irish words, "madra" and "gadhar" on the back. Having this feature is dependent on the way the card is created.


                Hmm, but can the user enter just Madra or just Gadhar as an answer, and then get a message saying the other word is also correct, or are both required at the same time?


                In all the tests I have run since creating cards with multiple facts, I have never been asked to type the answer for a multi-fact card. In the multiple choice questions, it only ever presents a single fact from that card, i.e. it shows Madra or Gadhar, but not both, so I don't have to choose between them.


                Okay so I guess the people who made the cards I was looking at did not know that. I hope they catch it and fix the set.


                Cannot wait for android release!


                please make one for android phones


                please make a version for android. I would love to be able to get this app.


                Does practicing with TinyCards count toward the Duolingo streak? It's cool, it's what I've been wanting, wish it was a part of Duolingo.


                When will they be available on website or Android?


                SWEET!!! Please release it on android soon!


                I'd love to see it on my Android.


                Please make for Google Play! That would be awesome!


                When will Tinycards be available for Android?


                Is there any intention of allowing users to create flashcard collections - similar to the Duolingo collections (for example, the French deck is split into the different parts of the language tree).

                I would love to create multiple decks for French that I could then keep under a French collection. Then I could create a bunch of Japanese decks and have them under a Japanese collection, and so on. It would make organization MUCH better.

                If it's not currently on the roadmap, please consider! Thanks for all your hard work! :D


                When will Turkish tiny cards be added ?


                market share: Android 88% vs iOS 10%. So you thought it would best to start with an iOS app? Seriously? What is your logic?


                Once again, you've undercut your mission of making language education free and accessible to all by making a feature that is only available to the 13% of rich people in the world who can afford an iPhone. 87% of the world uses Android, and there are very cheap Android phones available. If people can't afford paid language courses, why would you assume they can afford a $700 phone?


                Exactly. 3 months and another Apple-only feature (bots) later, and there is still a stony silence about the "coming soon" availability of this to the overwhelming majority of potential users.


                iPhone users are probably more likely to pay them $10 a month for the premium version.

                [deactivated user]

                  Many users probably want and expect the Duo vocabulary decks to sync with their Duo language course. We don't need XP and the skills on Duo will probably not go completely gold. The work done on both platforms should mesh together. I'm sure this must be in the works. Right?


                  I like the app so far, but it does need to be synced better with Duo and it really needs to have a button to report mistakes.


                  Meh, why does iOS always get everything when more people use Android? Any eta for Android users?


                  Swift is quicker to develop apps on (according to a lot of people). They must have been extremely anxious to get Tinycards out to do so on a single platform.


                  When will it come out on Amazon Appstore?


                  It makes me so sad it's only for iOS right now. T_T I shall wait patiently.


                  Having tried it out, one thing I really didn't care for was the 'I already know it' feature. I would rather the app decide when it feels I am strong rather than deciding it myself, especially once I realized I have to say I'm comfortable with each item before I finish the lesson or it will just go on indefinitely. Something I love about Duolingo is that it has algorithms that tend to be quite good at knowing when I am comfortable enough to end the lesson. I would prefer Tinycards be similar.

                  A good thing about it is it is very clean compared to similar services out there. I hope many more longer courses will be added in the future though, ideally official ones made by Duolingo to go along with the courses on here. I am mainly interested in flashcards for Welsh and Hungarian right now and Memrise definitely has those covered much better than anything yet available on this.

                  I would also like to be able to make decks on my computer rather than on my phone. The phone is a great way to use flashcards, but much less pleasant for making them. Is that any kind of possibility in the future?


                  Short request: TinyCards badly needs an option to 'reset' your progress so that you can do a deck as if you for the first time.

                  Context: I'm very impressed with TinyCards--and discovered DuoLingo from TinyCards' cross-marketing.

                  I do have a suggestion to make the app more usable for children. I've created some TinyCards for my 8 year old to help him learn subtraction 'math facts' like 14-8=7. He enjoys using the program much more than the similar apps the school had recommended. However one large problem that has stalled us: after he has gone through the entire deck once, THERE IS NO WAY TO RESET HIS PROGRESS and start over. As a consequence, the app only offers a few cards each session, so his sessions are quite short now, and therefore he isn't able to practice enough to learn the cards that he has forgotten.

                  I understand that the app allows you to 'strengthen' past cards you knew by assuming that there is some memory attrition--I am taking advantage of that feature in my own use of TinyCards (Spanish and country names). But this built in 'refresh function' is insufficient if you are a kid who has said "I know that card" for a bunch of cards you don't know. Maybe the same problem would arise if you do a deck and then return to it later after you've forgotten most of the material?


                  A reset button would be nice.

                  Answers other than "I know it" and "This card needs practice" would be good too, another app I use has 5 answers from "I don't know it at all" to "I know it perfectly" and how soon you see the card again depends on your answer.

                  If you hit "This card needs practice" in Tinycards it seems like you see it again too soon and too many times.

                  [deactivated user]

                    You can try reviewing the cards on their own without redoing/reviewing the lessons. The cards can also be previewed before starting the lessons.


                    I came in here to ask for Android version timeline and then learned about Memrise!

                    With that said, I would rather use Duolingo TinyCards. When is the Android release?


                    I tried it out and am an Anki user. At one point it made me type in the answer. This takes too long for when I want to just study a bunch of cards quickly and efficiently. Typing is fine for Duolingo, but that's not what I want from a flashcard app.


                    we getting any actual duolingo updates / new features soon? it's been a while..

                    [deactivated user]

                      <insert image of sad, crying duolingo owl> What?! No Tinycards app for Android users? Oh well, I will have to continue to build my Swedish Anki deck.

                      [deactivated user]

                        I just read on the reddit tinycards site that there are plans for an Android Tinycard app.


                        A switch to choose which side of the cards to study would be nice. Also folders please.


                        Is there an app on Android Playstore too?


                        duolingo should try to add more topics and details to all the lessons on tiny cards apps


                        What a great idea! But why don't you put the tinycards feature in duolingo? You don't really have to make a new app. Just put another section in duolingo.com. Also, PLEASE PUT THIS IN PC!


                        VERY cool! It only synced up with one of my languages though. How do I get it sync up the other two? I'm particularly glad to see the articles on the flashcards. Using the words option on my desktop hasn't helped me remember gender. I think these cards will help me a lot. Particularly in German.


                        I'm really pleased to hear that gender/articles are included. That has been one of my issues with Duo's built-in flashcards. May I ask which languages you've found to have articles? Sadly I can't currently check for myself. Thank you!


                        Me too! I'm particularly grateful to have them in German since I can't seem to get the German genders down pat in my mind. I've found them in French and in Spanish as well.


                        Can't wait to see this on Android!


                        Android please... :|


                        I've been using the TinyCards app for a few days now and finding it really enjoyable. The only thing that I would absolutely love is if we could access a bank of Duolingo images, rather than just google images.


                        I have already downloaded Tinycards, and I love it! I especially love the "Chineasy" system, it truly looks easy!


                        where is the love for windows phone ;-;, we are always left out, no one thinks about us, i mean like, we are the third most popular phone OS and still no one considers us when making a phone app :( can you please make it for WP <3 :D


                        Why do you always give priority to ios? Do you not like android users? It's okay, then take your time with guinea pigs testing it lol


                        iOS is often prioritised by developers because the hardware is much less diverse than android phones, making it easier to develop for. By diverse I mean that there is a much smaller variation in devices. Android has many different companies making multiple phones with different chipsets in them. Android apps have to support all of these. I might be completely wrong in this, but I assume that's why tinycards is only on iOS for now.


                        Saluton. So is Windows mobile easier less diverse to develop/test. The Apple cult is more vocal to show-off what they have. It's a marketing strategy my the best marketing company. However the world is changing fast. Adiaŭ :)


                        As a Memrise user, this is going to be very interesting to see once it rolls out on Android.


                        What i do not understand is why duolingo has not incorporated a platform for vocabulary learning. Memrise is really good for learning words, but then there is a problem of abusing flashcards with sentence memorisation with no flexibility or even typo recognition. It is like having a vocabulary section in a language tree, which is not needed. I believe that duolingo language tree works really well for grammar structures, where sentences take up some space and time to be digested, with an option to get translation for each word separately. For pure vocabulary and idioms, though, memrise-esque flashcards would work much better. One major thing they are lacking is filtering of words. I feel that each course is just more or less random collection of words that are thought to be of the same difficulty. I am not sure, but it could also be that some of the words repeat throughout the courses, which is a waste of time since same words have to be reviewed for several times. Hence some sort of personal list should be built up, and then parts of the list should be review rather than courses. As for much further future, one could think of some sort of AI, which could use the words from the personal vocabulary list as well as the level of grammar based on achievements in the language tree to hold simple, somewhat structured, but mostly random conversation with the user, such that known grammar structures would incorporate new words, since the current language tree is kind of stuck with what it has been given by the moderators of language courses. In conclusion, duolingo should basically copy memrise while keeping its quality control and add that platform to itself. I really dislike using N different websites to practise different aspects of languages.


                        Android Duolingo! ANDROID! There are more Android users in the world that iOS. Unless the majority of Duolingo users use iOS, why did you develop this for iOS first?


                        There have been multiple comments about that. iOS is easier to develop for, so it doesn't take as long. Android hardware is so diverse it is more difficult to make an app run well on all devices, unlike iOS, which only runs on iPhones that are very similar to eachother. Many developers develop iOS versions first.


                        I can understand that. As an android user, I am not a fan of that answer. Its like "Here is a great application. I am going to get you all excited for it. But wait, only a small fraction of the population of smartphone users can use it. Sorry"


                        You're talking to another android user/fanatic here and I totally understand. But I don't think you should look at it like that. And if you're not a fan of that answer, what would you like to hear instead? A lie? It's simply the way it is. If both versions of the app were to start development at the exact same time (which may or may not be the case here) the iOS version would simply be done sooner. Releasing that first is a good way to launch a new platform and get early feedback by a group that's significantly bigger than an alpha or beta group.


                        I love this idea. I haven't been able to make myself flashcards so it is hard for me to study on the go when you run out of data. The problem is I have an android. Please make it for android.


                        But we don't have to "buy into their brand" at all, because it is free. It doesn't hurt to try it. Even if it is weak initially, I'm sure it will improve over time with more work and user feedback, but until then we can always go to a different site. We can all leave our options open.


                        it sounds very educative this could benefit me a lot in school


                        I love the tinycards!! It further allows me to practice in areas of reading, speaking and writing (both in English and Spanish!) Thank you! Cant wait for the Android app! :)


                        Flash cards might suit some poople, but I'd rather be able to just see and hear the full vocab list for every language. I don't want it random or haphazard - I want it comprehensive (but grouped) so I have concrete feedback of what I know here. Lists help build a connected mental model that holds together even when the model of the grammar is not yet well formed. I've reached the point I do need it for regular reminders of languages that are newer to me. "Strengthening" is not sufficient on its own.

                        If you are looking to distinguish yourself from other systems, I want to be able to recognise the sounds as much as the visual words so I become comfortable to converse, not just read. I'd love to be able to listen to a playlist of all the exercises, spoken, on loop through every topic I've covered so far. Perfect for train journeys standing up.


                        I look forward to trying the app once it comes onto android.

                        1 question

                        Will you be able to use it offline?


                        Duolingo says that Tinycards is 100% free and paradoxical thing is they first released it for iOS!! Now I wonder how iPhone holders can be a perfect target group for it. They should have released it in android first if they are really interested in that 'free' education stuff.


                        Please make it available for Android!


                        The way I see it tech should work for me; it should do what I want it to. All too often apps are far too inflexible. It disappoints me all the more to read comments and discover features have been removed.

                        I would like to see: 1. Multi-sided cards (3 or more sides) 2. The ability to create my own subgroups of cards not auto-split by number of cards 3. A better shuffling feature when strength building 4. Better formatting options. At the very least there should be a return key to create lists

                        It's really sad that I still get more utility and flexibility out of old school paper index cards. If the average user prefers simplicity over flexibility, then perhaps a power-user version?


                        wow! this new app or whatever seems pretty cool!!!( : I'm taking French and I really hope to get this <;


                        I was looking for an app like this for so long. However, I would like to be able to use it also on the web page. The difference between Duolingo's Site, Doulingo iOS app & Duolingo Android App is becoming increasingly worst. I would like some consistency regardless of the device. I love what you're doing and I'm really thankful for this webpage.


                        When will there be an Android Version? I'd really like to use this app :D


                        I'm so excited for Tinycards, but I wish it could be available soon for android devices . Thank you :)


                        Um... when do you guys think it will be available for the google playstore.. eh


                        When it will be available for Android or web?


                        Hey Duo team, you are losing me as a loyal friend to Duo, please and I mean please harry on and release the Tiny cards app for android users, i don't want to use any other app.


                        It looks exciting!


                        Hello Duolingo. Tinycards is a great initiative.

                        But however, why do you not have a website (before opening it to android users)?

                        It would be great way to check, if you can share with the existing duolingo users the beta version, so that we can share with you any bugs which we find.

                        Reply awaited. Thanks for your support.


                        How can I get them for duolingo on my computer?


                        Do you get duolingo xp for this?/can you keep your streak alive doing this? It would be awesome if so


                        As soon as tiny.cards is available for desktop or android, I will start using it!


                        Need a web interface to create new decks. It's too hard to do it over the phone.


                        The "add fact" feature is back, allowing much better ease of use. One can once again add a picture, for instance, in addition to the word and its definition.

                        Thank you for adding this back!

                        Self plug: I use these for my Latin students, so if anyone is interested in some Latin flash cards, feel free to search for "Latin" or my username: "Magister_Smith"


                        almost 5 months and counting....no android yet. I'm sure there's a big trouble...... almost 5 months and still no tiny app for Android? Happy 2017!


                        I created my account through Google+ but I want to connect my tiny cards to Duolingo. I cannot login through Google+ though. or can I ?


                        Did you figure out how to connect the two?


                        I find I'm learning quite a lot from these little cards and would love to see a version I can put on my laptop, not just m iPhone ... will that ever happen?


                        I love TinyCards so far but I don't get one thing: I'm almost at the end of my French tree here and I always keep everything golden. When I open TinyCards I don't have a single golden deck, not even the most basic words which I obviously know. And not only that, but it takes 5-10 or more times to practice a deck in order to make it golden, which is totally fine for new words but not so much for the basic decks containing words like garçon, fille, etc.

                        Of course I could just let go of the fact that every deck should be golden, but then it won't give me an accurate idea of which words I actually forgot and which ones I simply decided not to practice because I know too well.


                        So not to be a downer here, but why is Duolingo putting effort into a space that's already been covered really well by Memrise and Quizlet among others? Memrise, for example, has (unofficial) flashcard courses for most Duolingo courses for English speakers as well as a large library of courses in many other languages. What's the motivation for Duolingo making its own flashcard app right now?


                        I am looking forward to them. Memrise is a pain and does not allow synonyms. I abandoned it.


                        Great. I just started using tiny.cards on my Android device and it worked properly.

                        It is a little weird could to use, no hints, but after some little efforts I could manage it.

                        However, I suggest heavily that in decks with two distinc character sets the direction of the question do not change card by card. It is quite boring and takes precious time to change the keyboard so many times.

                        Another soluction is never to have to enter the native language. For instance, if I am learning Russian for English speakers, I should set the keyboard to russian for once. Cards in Russian would offer alternatives in English; cards in Englis would eithersometimes offer alternatives in Russian and sometimes ask the user to enter the answer using the keyboard.

                        We suppose that the learners should be able to spell the words in their own language...


                        Is there an import feature from excel? I have a large list of vocabulary and would love to be able to import easily without having to manually create decks.


                        I've found another error in a French Tinycards deck. In the set entitled French Adjectives 2 (number 5) the English translation for 'fort' is the noun 'fort'. The deck concerns Adjectives, so the English translation should be 'strong'.


                        When I use Tinycards it does not update my duolingo where the flash cards practice used to be located. How can they be synced/updated?


                        I'm glad you have finally provided this service. Here are the ways that I think would improve the Tinycards service.

                        1. Link the time practicing Tinycards to your XP in DuoLingo
                        2. Make the website interface more user friendly (you can not go back to view all decks of a particular course once you have chosen to practice a specific topic without going back to the Tinycards homepage)
                        3. Allow all cards learned in particular course to be practiced together (i.e. can practice multiple Duolingo lesson's cards together)


                        Hi vivisaurus I'm Lene the panda I work on tinycards and I follow you but you don't follow me.


                        I would like to have flashcards of the polish duolingo course there :)


                        How did I not know of this before seeing the tip in the Japanese course. You need to put it next to the Labs on top bar or something.


                        Does Tiny Cards give the user "credit" in Duolingo? Meaning... will using Tiny Cards help keep vocabulary strength bars full or will I get hit with the same vocab words in Duo even though I reviewed them in Tiny?


                        When I did Tiny Cards it didn't keep bars up in Duo so I passed on TC. Doing lessons every day in Duo to keep the tree orange keeps me plenty busy.


                        https://tiny.cards/decks/e2482097-bb6a-47c5-9e6c-e7e6c35f22b7 Follow this please


                        Where can I suggest an improvement to the app? I think that once a desk is completed the main picture should also go gold! It’s easier to see than just the status bar.


                        If you want to pass by my tynicards https://tiny.cards/decks/c1cf88e4-eabf-486c-95ad-8219c1859d64


                        Why do the cards literally have to flash? This is VERY annoying and distracting. Is there an option somewhere to turn this off? Tinycards would be very useful to me, but as it is now I won't use Tinycards at all. Please fix it.


                        i know right it is very annoying i just want to smash my laptop in to the ground


                        I know right. I mean reading this message right after reading the message which says they are shutting it down...its sad. I hope Duolingo reopens it. It was such a great resource and I know that many people love it.


                        Thanks for this great adds till now duolingo is the best funny site to learn languages ... Ammm but why only app store ?? Play store of Androide is the largest store for apps ! we need it in Play store Thank you, so much


                        So not to be a downer here, but why is Duolingo putting effort into a space that's already been covered really well by Memrise and Quizlet among others? Memrise, for example, has (unofficial) flashcard courses for most Duolingo courses for English speakers as well as a large library of courses in many other languages. What's the motivation for Duolingo making its own flashcard app right now?


                        Maybe they think they can do it better.


                        not necessarily because they both have the same goal of achieving .


                        It's a good question because the app is substandard compared to Duo.

                        If you add a word, then it gives you a typing option to practice, but if you write a sentence, it's just flash it to you. So it's truly a flashcard app, no more, no less.

                        I was hoping it would allow me to add alternative answers or optional info, but it doesn't. Quite disappointed. I do hope that it will have the features soon.


                        Well I am not on Memrise or whatever else, so what's wrong with Duolingo making flash cards...?

                        [deactivated user]

                          Nothing bad, lot of good!


                          Short answer:

                          Duolingo is not doing this in spite of Memrise's popularity, but because of it.

                          Long answer:

                          First of all, Memrise has already proven that there is a high-demand for a flashcard app with social features, so Duoligo does not have to take that risk themselves or put a lot of money into making their own research on whether this concept will be popular.

                          Also as you mentioned Memrise is actually profiting off Duolingo out of no effort of their own, because user generate duolingo courses. Of course this in the end hurts Duoligo, because their users rely on a different website for vocabulary practice, which keeps them away from Duolingo. Many reviews focus on how Duolingo is lacking as a language learning site, because of its poor possibilties for vocabulary building. And after all there is a risk that users might stray from Duolingo after finding out about Memrise and more importantly: After using it on a regular basis precisely because of those unofficial Duolingo courses.

                          A brand which, in the general opinion, only works in collaboration with another does not have a strong image. As long as it is IOS or Android, McDonalds or Burger King, Coca Cola or Pepsi, both brands profit, because the perceived rivalry makes the customers feel a closer connection to their brand. If it is "Duolingo and Memrise", the users feel like both brands only provide an incomplete experience and to people who are not yet familiar with the brands, both blur into one.

                          With Tinycards Duolingo tries to ensure that a larger percentage of users stays faithful to the brand. Soon new users looking for a bigger focus on vocabulary building, won't be met with comments that, more or less open, state that Duolingo is simply not suited for this sort of practice and they should look for other apps and websites to supplement as well as direct links to those, but with recommendations for another Duolingo product that is meant to meet their demans and all that in a design they are already familiar with. And who knows, maybe Duolingo can even build up a rivalry with Memrise rather than a begrudging symbiosis. I'm alredy seeing the occiasional "Is TinyCars or Memrise better" discussion popping up on here.

                          Finally, imitating websites/apps that are based on user-based content and putting some actual effort into creating content that so far had only been offered by amateurs, is a huge moneymaking opportunity. For example Kitchen Stories also treaded well covered ground, but is now the Number 1 cooking app. The reason is that unlike other cooking apps with badly lit photos and recipes whose quality can only be .assessed by also user-generated ratings, Kitchen stories offers good and easy recipes that are explained well in high-quality videos. Duolingo is now trying the same and, as it seems to quite the success.

                          Let's see if the inital popularity will waver out or if Tiny cards can actually replace Memrise atleast on the Duolingo discussion bord.


                          Also as you mentioned Memrise is actually profiting off Duolingo out of no effort of their own, because user generate duolingo courses. Of course this in the end hurts Duoligo, because their users rely on a different website for vocabulary practice, which keeps them away from Duolingo.

                          As far as I am aware, DL has never set out to try to be everything a learner needs to first learn and then practice language skills, and retaining a learner beyond his or her completion of a tree isn't part of the game plan. If it was, DL would not have abandoned Immersion, which uniquely provides an opportunity for learners to venture into translating real documents instead of merely memorising fragments of vocabulary.


                          Has DL abandoned immersion?


                          Yes. They stopped both developing it and trying/pretending to deal with abuse of it by some users a couple of years ago, ie around about the time they realised that paid translations were not going to pay the bills. Immersion was the training ground for people learning to translate real world documents.


                          If Immersion has been abandoned, then what is the business model now?


                          Jalepenito their business model is currently the $20 certification tests they are offering (still free in beta at the moment i think) as well as other unannounced plans


                          About this idea of Mem. keeping Duo users away. I am sure there are others like myself, that use Mem. as an auxillary or warm-up for Duo. Time spent on Mem. means less time on the same module in Duo., less mistakes, less use of the hints, which I think has bearing on the frequency of re-dos. Now if Duo. can come up with tinycard decks that match, it might work. Let me say this about Mem. in re. the decks. I've done quite a few and have noticed that the decks, usually, have more words in them than what the same Duo. module calls for. That should tell Duo something. That's like going to another barber while your old one is on vacation. They not only cut the hair but trim the eyebrows without asking, something your old one doesn't do.


                          I use duo and memrise every day on the spanish courses. Unless I'm off in a weird course, I don't see how memrise is a flash card course; it's much like duo with sentences and spelling, just no speaking parts.


                          Well memrise is much more primitive, in that it doesn't really accept any alternate translations and doesn't really have a grammar engine that can detect sentence word orders. It's just a direct one-to-one relationship between a concept in two languages, whether it is a word or a sentence.

                          And because that's all it does, it tends to do that one thing better than Duolingo.

                          This results in serious learners resorting to using several apps to have a complete, useful and balanced learning experience.

                          So with stuff like tinycards, the Duolingo team is aiming to be more involved in that learning app ecosystem so that eventually learners will rely on them entirely and therefore will spend much of their learning budget on things that provide revenue for the Duo team.

                          As a learner all that I care about though, is having a good learning experience that is affordable :)


                          Allen, I so agree with you, memrise is good where there are no choices, but there were many places where I was marked wrong for using alternate answers. I get marked wrong in duo also, but I can report it and esp in the English trees it is corrected, then they send me a email to say they now use my answer :) that in itself is a reward. After using memrise for a while I quit. I have a program called "Vocabulary Master" that suites me very well except that it does not allow long enough entries sometimes.


                          Yes I can relate to that! BTW Lingvist is pretty good for learning words, but it has a much more limited set of languages available.


                          Good post. But I just want to say that I strayed from Memrise to Duolingo. LOL.


                          I have never been a fan of Memrise. Tinycards is way better.


                          Of course, Tinycards only just came out.

                          [deactivated user]

                            IMO TinyCards will be the most appealing to those who are not already heavily invested in other flashcard providers. Some users may want to transfer over to TinyCards, but most will stay with the card decks they are into already. You will see an influx of users saying "I like this" etc... And "Hello", "test" etc... Just like the forums here. I am a newcomer to online flashcards and was looking for something like TinyCards for my family. Just lucky I guess!


                            Well on your point that Memrise is "hurting" Duolingo, users are making use of Memrise to create courses as a reaction to the deficiency of Duolingo's vocabulary and flashcard features. There's no real auto-generation about it, there's a lot of work that goes into making a flashcard course consistent, accurate, and usable (something I'm skeptical of for TinyCards).

                            That said, I can see why Duolingo would like to create some sort of official product for flashcards and vocabulary. A larger issue I see with this app (based on reviews, I don't have an iOS device so I haven't used it myself) is that it appears very bare-bones, in other words it is not a very mature application. Memrise, on the other hand, is quite mature with wide support for different features and approaches and, importantly, sporting a massive library of content. Even if Duolingo creates (or auto-creates which would go poorly IMO) TinyCards decks for all courses offered on Duolingo they would rely on users to generate more content for them and in that sense they are very much behind in this race. That's not getting into the specific features that appear to be sorely lacking at this point.

                            Therefore, call me cynical, but if branding is the only reason Duolingo is going in this direction, I'm not impressed. And if they try to throw their weight around and demand other apps like Memrise remove courses for Duolingo vocabulary (not a huge leap if this is a branding thing), that would be the last straw for me. Either way, I'm not switching to a new flashcard app that doesn't have the content and features that Memrise offers just to go even further into Duolingo's walled garden and buy even more into their brand.


                            Well, I'm not disagreeing ;) However it should be kept in mind that the Web 2.0 market is especially fast moving and therefore especially rough. And while Duolingos tactics can sometimes be annoying they are still way less annoying that those of 99% of apps and websites, namely ad spamming and Pay to Play.

                            I can't say much about TinyCards as a product, because I don't have IOS either, but I will give it a shot once it comes out for Android. After all, to use Kitchen Stories as an example again, despite its unoriginal content is a damn good product. I always found Memrise to be a bit unwieldy (more of an anki person myself), so perhaps Tiny Cards will strike a better chord with me. After all one thing that Duolingo is really good at is design.

                            I also think we had a slight misunderstanding, when I said Memrise is profitig from Duolingo without effort, I meant Memrise as an organisation: It's owners and employees. Memrise conent is user generated, so if a user comes up with the ides to put his/her own effort into creating a flashcard deck to enhance the learning experience of another hugely popular language learning site, Memrise is gaining traction and therefore profit, without any investment of money or work from the company itself. And I can see why the company who actually came up with the generation of the vocabulary that is now in the Memrise course would be kinda sorta pissed by this.


                            Fair point, but the percentage of courses that their employees "actually came up with the generation of the vocabulary" for is getting smaller all the time. It's already down to 6 out of 21 of the courses for English speakers, for example (29%).....so far.


                            All this talk about Memrise made me curious, so today I downloaded it and tried it out. What a great app! It makes learning vocabulary so easy. I did lessons for Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and Tagalog. I never studied Russian or Arabic before, and after only a few minutes I learned some words already. And the lessons on Tagalog are excellent. Now I have an app to help study Tagalog while waiting for the course on DuoLingo to release.


                            But we don't have to "buy into their brand" at all, because it is free! doesn't hurt to try it. Even if it is weak initially, I'm sure it will improve over time with more work and user feedback.


                            I personally really liked memrises' decks they have been helpful. I will check out tiny cards soon'


                            While I understand such a branding approach, if Duolingo is not carefull, they may actually invite more spite on them from the users, than the profit. For me as a paying custommer of DL - may I be an example, - the transition was actually in opposite direction. I had found Memrise first, I saw its potential for Vocabularybuilding and only when I realised that I need better connection between the vocabularies I learned, I had jumped on the Duolingo opportunity ... after that I had prefered duolingo-sychronised courses on Memrise as a additional step (where available).

                            That said, Memrise is really good at what they are doing, nevertheless they are having weaker position in the long term (in my opinion) then DL. If DL will press hard enough, they may happen to hurt Memrise really bad (but I do not think it would work in the other direction) ... at the same time Memrise is offering much larger variety of courses/languages than DL does or ever will do.

                            I am actually waiting if ever I will see the english-chinese DLL to come or English-Latin courses. ... those are still yet more probable then others, which are already covered in Memrise.

                            Also I am wondering if Duolingo will ever manage to create course for deeper english learners (Will they? - probably not) .. I am improving my English vocabulary on Memrise to the CPE level .... English teaching courses on DL are close to useless to me...

                            So basically said: I am paying Duolingo and well I do not pay to Memrise (right now), but if Duolingo would hurt Memrise to the point of collapsing or close to it, I would be indignated and angry...

                            As for now, DL and Memrise are not competitors as Pepsi nad Coca-Cola, McDonald and BurgerKing ... yet DL is willingly going in to the direction to be on such terms.


                            It is true that apps like memrise and lingvist appear to be better at building vocabulary. Though, to me, it seems easier to improve the "words" section on duolingo itself than creating a whole new app for it. Anyway it seems like tinycards is meant to integrate well with duolingo so we'll see. I hope it is also possible to create custom flashcards on there, as with memrise.


                            if that was the short one i'd hate to see the long one


                            Just try read more closely...

                            He did write both the short one and the long answer there in one post.


                            I like Tiny Cards but they are very rigid with some words eg student, sometimes they want estudante and others aluno, it can only accept one word.


                            Thanks a lot for mentioning Memrise... I wasn't aware of this great site and that they have Duolingo Flashcards!


                            I have nothing to say about Memrise or Quizlet as I have never used them. I sure do wish I could export a card list out of Dulingo and into Anki though. Duolingo lessons are awesome. I in no way want to replace Duolingo with any other program. Duolingo will never match the utility that Anki has for me for one simple reason. Duolingo is specifically a language learning platform. I have several decks in Anki which include the languages I am studying in Duolingo but also several other subjects that have nothing to do with language. I don't really want Duolingo based flash cards because then I would be splitting my cards among two apps.


                            I'd rather they improved and experimented with the main website. There is a lot that could be done with it. The flashcards could be better integrated as well, by focusing on words users struggle with, for example.


                            A nice improvement for the main website/app would be appending the IPA spelling to every word and phrase inside the app. It could be grayed out or in a lighter shade, it could be a toggle option and they could take the spelling easily found on https://www.wiktionary.org/ to just copy paste. I think it wouldn't hurt the design, there's plenty of white space around and this would be the best use for it.

                            Considering IPA is not a language but an alphabet supra-set of sorts, it can be easily learned with a tiny cards deck; a more complete one is needed, but in the mean time I found this one useful: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/2JtL7Viq/ipa

                            Then having the IPA spelling inside duolingo courses we could always be practicing the correct pronunciation of words. Because the loquendo/vocaloid or whatever speech synthesis duolingo uses helps but it can sometimes pronounce things in a weird cadence or way. And it would be greatly appreciated for courses that have little to no audio too, like Irish Gaelic, Ukranian and others.

                            So yeah, I think there's a use and a reason for tiny cards to exist.


                            Thank you for bringing up Memrise! I am going to use that along side Duolingo!! I had no idea!


                            Honestly, Memrise is not that great in execution. It's a great concept (crowdsourced flash card decks), but the card decks aren't always that great in quality. If Duolingo can do it better, more power to them.


                            Not all the decks are that great in quality -- you're right in that there isn't the same kind over overall quality control as there is, for example, for Duolingo courses. But some courses on Memrise are very, very good.

                            Duolingo is (already, even before Tinycards, and even without Immersion) the more complete of these two, but I find Memrise excellent at what it does.


                            I think that this is going to be a good way for the Duolingo community to gather together and share flashcards with each other, help each other learn, and make new friends withing the language learning community. We will all help each other with our problems, questions will be answered, and we will all have a good time. I think that Duolingo did this so that, unlike Quizlet, it is made just for language learners, and not others like vocabulary, and spelling.


                            This is like asking why do people make apps that already exist? Well because of money and because they want to make them better or shortly because they can.


                            Amazing table manners; you invite them for a free lunch and they dare say anything but "Wonderful, it is delicious thank you!" Let me say it: "Tinycards are wonderful, thank you!" I'm using them.

                            • 1704

                            If you could send me the link to the German one on Memrise. I'd be glad. I really need flashcards and I don't own an IOS device.


                            Yes, I regularly use Quizlet, and occasionally memrise, but I don't use them to really practice my DL vocab. I use quizlet for all my school given vocab, which eventually collides with some of the DuoLingo vocab I already learned, putting me slightly ahead in spanish class.


                            Well you kind of are being a downer. Just because they do this doesn't mean they are trying to spite Memrise or Quizlet.


                            One of the reasons for that is because that means that you can get a more expanded service from dulingo for because dulingo ( in my opinion) does great service for learning foreign languages and when you put it into flashcards gets better. I've tried the flashcards and they are pretty good and also this feedback coming from me is from a user that uses dulingo and their flashcards


                            Hey guys. I think tiny cards could be very helpful. but I am commenting because I am trying to really get into Spanish and become very fluent in it. Any suggestions on how to get the best out of this site and what other resources i could use. Thx!!!


                            If I had the app by TestFlight then automatically the app changed to an independent app? Or do I need to do something else?


                            I downloaded the app from the App Store and it replaced the TestFlight one. After that in TestFlight the app said 'unavailable' or something like that instead of 'open' so I deleted TestFlight.


                            Thanks for your answer. I will do the same.


                            I will doubtless try when they roll out the Android version hopefully the Apple people will have done most of the beta testing. I am not sure I'm that impressed with the memrise repetition algorithm I seem to get some words that I have had correct more often than others that I have not seen for quite awhile. What would impress me more than flashcards would be a mini-review on what the answer should have been on the app. Some of the comments help but some don't


                            Instead of copying memrise's product, I wish duolingo would copy or even leapfrog memrise's more excellent interface. Duolingo's content is already good, but it's interface could profit from some added sophistication.


                            The German cards on the app appear to be linked to my duolingo account, but the Spanish ones do not. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar? Do I need to change something in the settings to get the Spanish cards synched with tiny cards?


                            I've tried out tinycards for Spanish. I like it so far, but I would really like better if the lesson boxes changes colors after I've reviewed the cards. After I finish a set of card and return to the lesson "home" screen, I often don't know which set I've just reviewed.


                            How do you sync your Doulingo progress with Tiny Cards so you don't have to do every word all over again? Please help, I'll give a out a Linget to whoever answers this correctly.


                            I'm sorry to say i think the answer is: wait and hope. They haven't confirmed that they are going to sync (as far as I know), and only one of the four languages I study in DL appears to have synced (Spanish).


                            really? wow that's cool... che bello!


                            They are so cute :)


                            that's great! i'll have to wait for android and pc versions, but it looks fun :)


                            Can someone send me a mediafire download link to all the art in the flashcards? I can't find them.


                            I for one am delighted Duo are taking on Memrise and look forward to trying Tinycards as soon as it comes to Android. Yes vocab learning is all- important and yes currently you need a solution outside of Duo; that's why there are so many Duo courses on Memrise and why so many Duo users use Memrise. It makes no sense at all for Duo as a company to let this situation persist. The Memrise app, at least on Android, is so poor - lots of little bugs, confusing navigation UI - I sigh whenever I open it - you have to believe Duo could do it so much better. And on the content creation side there's so much room for improvement. Why can't Memrise do automatic TTS ? Why can't you upload audio files in bulk ? Why are you uploading audio files at all ?!? Why can't you create content from mobile ? McFly ?! Duo uber alles!


                            Great program. My son and I have been doing it over the school holidays and it's been a very easy way to keep him learning at a reduced pace over the long break.


                            I like that you are doing this! I like to make my own flashcards up to cover words that for some reason I struggle with. And, I like that now I only have to come to duolingo to practice! Great idea!


                            I haven't had a chance to download this. Does anyone know if tinycards has an option for learning the Hebrew alphabet? I was so excited for the Hebrew course on Duolingo but am struggling with the alphabet itself quite a bit.


                            Yes, there is.


                            fantastic! I love this app!


                            I just downloaded Tinycards on my Apple phone looking for Italian flashcards. The program told me that it only had German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. I then tried to search Tinycards for Italian and the program said it didn't exist. What gives? When will the program include Italian?


                            Having a problem on my iPhone with keyboarding accents. Duolingo keeps telling me to pay attention to the accents. How can I do this? When I do the computer lessons, Duolingo provides the letters with the accents. Not so when I use Tinycards.


                            If you press a letter on the iOS keyboard, such as an 'e', and don't remove your finger but hold it on the letter, different versions of that letter with different accents will be displayed, and you can slide your finger (without removing it from the screen) to the version of the letter you want and then remove your finger to select/type that version of the letter. The same thing works with punctuation such as question marks and exclamation points.


                            IOS current Duoling App need much improvement, I would invested more $ to better the existing apps for iOS both iphone and ipad.


                            I am very excited!


                            Hej Dulingo! How about an Android version?


                            This is a great idea, but I think it would really help students if you made TinyCards laptop/computer compatible. This way kids can study in their free time at school.


                            I am enjoying TinyCards so far. One complaint I have is that the "make card invisible" function is extremely tedious. For example, when I started reviewing Duolingo Spanish, I kept getting words like "hombre" and "mujer," so I went through the Basics lesson to "hide" most of the words I already knew. But it took a long time, and it was, like I said, very tedious.

                            Another issue I'm having is that I'm unable to easily find the "official" Duo decks. When I signed up, I was forced to choose three categories to follow. But now if I want to add a fourth one, I can't seem to find any way of doing so. And I tried searching for "DuoHistory" etc. and got ZERO results. What gives?

                            [deactivated user]

                              Try TinyHistory. You can follow as many as you want to.


                              Oh what!?! Yeah that worked! I don't know why I was trying the other thing. Thanks!

                              [deactivated user]


                                Briefly tried it and it looks really good! I hope the browser and Android versions come soon and I REALLY hope that there'll be a feature which you can import a spreadsheet of vocab to make flashcards as I have a ton of vocab to go through flashcard style :D


                                too bad I don't have ios 8.2


                                So far so good as far as my experience goes...I've been learning the countries of the world and their respective capitals. I am also building on my vocabulary for the languages that I am learning.


                                nice! but where? :c

                                • 1577

                                I'm super duper lazy, which is why I don't bother even logging in to memrise anymore. I'm excited to see flash cards finally being made available to everyone here. Sort of. Will there be a new thread when this is available online? Even if I had an apple phone I still wouldn't download the app because yes, I am that lazy. It's good to know one's faults =D


                                You should get a duolingo game that keeps the days streak and that we can pay for. I'd love to give you money. Does this keep the day streak?


                                itv would be cool if you didn't have to download it


                                I think that tiny cards is way better than memrise, in every way possible


                                This app is awesome! I've been looking for flashcards to help me practice my verbs and this is perfect!! I love that it is linked to the Spanish course I'm working through on DuoLingo! Mochas Gracias!!!


                                Thank you for the update! Much appreciated.


                                it'd be nice if you didn't have to download this.


                                Meh... not on android or web based... See you next time I guess


                                Yes! This is really good for Travelling to far places! You can keep your Vocabulary up to Scratch, and keep learning in a Fun exciting way! Thanks Duolingo, This is Fantastic! :D


                                Why can't this just be built into the official Duolingo app?


                                Hey everyone, I don't know if anyone already asked this but I just created a deck using tinycards and I wanted to separate them into several lessons as most other people do with their decks. But I can't seem to figure out how. Can anyone help me?


                                Did you create more than 5 cards? It should automatically separate them if you did.


                                ohh I see. Thank you :)


                                try using creases/sci -


                                which one is better duolingo or memrise?


                                I think this is a very important initiative for Duolingo and I really hope android users won't be let down :)


                                tiny cards is AWESOME!!!!


                                Yaayyyyyy! And then oh no! Happy you guys are finally improving on the Memrise experience and adding it to your language learning experience. That is super cool. Sad that you are only doing it for Apple devices...not even a web version. I would be watching this space though for the web and Android versions. Thanks guys.


                                Tiny Cards are awesome. Good thing duolingo has Tiny Cards!


                                Flash card is a great tool. I'll try.


                                It is great, I am currently using another site for my flashcards. I will give it a try. Thanks again.


                                Tiny cards sound fun. Can't wait to use them


                                They're so cute!!! Can't wait till it comes on other devices!


                                great i'm gonna get it as soon as possible!!


                                Will these flashcards include full sentences in addition to words for practice?


                                Looks nice will there be android version?


                                Well on your point that Memrise is "hurting" Duolingo, users are making use of Memrise to create courses as a reaction to the deficiency of Duolingo's vocabulary and flashcard features. There's no real auto-generation about it, there's a lot of work that goes into making a flashcard course consistent, accurate, and usable (something I'm skeptical of for TinyCards).

                                That said, I can see why Duolingo would like to create some sort of official product for flashcards and vocabulary. A larger issue I see with this app (based on reviews, I don't have an iOS device so I haven't used it myself) is that it appears very bare-bones, in other words it is not a very mature application. Memrise, on the other hand, is quite mature with wide support for different features and approaches and, importantly, sporting a massive library of content. Even if Duolingo creates (or auto-creates which would go poorly IMO) TinyCards decks for all courses offered on Duolingo they would rely on users to generate more content for them and in that sense they are very much behind in this race. That's not getting into the specific features that appear to be sorely lacking at this point.

                                Therefore, call me cynical, but if branding is the only reason Duolingo is going in this direction, I'm not impressed. And if they try to throw their weight around and demand other apps like Memrise remove courses for Duolingo vocabulary (not a huge leap if this is a branding thing), that would be the last straw for me. Either way, I'm not switching to a new flashcard app that doesn't have the content and features that Memrise offers just to go even further into Duolingo's walled garden and buy even more into their brand.


                                By the way, I do not know about other courses but I can tell you this about the Russian course. Duolingo cannot demand that the course of Russian with Duolingo's vocabulary and sentence be removed from Memrise.

                                Well, they can, of course, but the author is under no obligation to comply. It is right in their terms of use: I compiled the course for Duolingo, however, the materials and the contents of the course are not exclusively owned by Duolingo. Thus, I am free to use them whereever I please.

                                It just so happens that having a Memrise course by cherub721 with similar content and improved voiceover pleases me :)

                                • 965

                                Ты абсолютно прав.


                                Bonega, it's really a very good method like MEM but it is a little bet better


                                Can't wait to try it out!


                                Devour 50 tasty lingots


                                Can't wait till this is available on my Kindle


                                Do you have to download it to get it on the computer?


                                THIS IS KINDA COOL BUT THEY LOOK COOL


                                Thank you so much for Tiny Cards! I tried to create my DL words on Quizlet but found it to time consuming. Then tested Memrise and found same thing. Love that TC already has ALL my DL vocabulary pre-installed. Only wish the Words currency on DL was tied to TC so DL reflected my study efforts. Thanks for these great flashcards!


                                Why oh why did I buy a Windows Phone.


                                I share your pain, but nowadays I can also use the web version. That's a good thing, at least.


                                Ug! Been looking forward to something just like this! had no idea this was in development. Sadly, I'm android. Is there an ETA for this? (forgive me.... haven't scrolled down.... ) Interested in Chineasy as I live near a chinatown and actually in a vietnamese area


                                I like it. I feel that for French there could be a little more drilling on gender (e.g., just getting the word right once w/ le or la isn't really enough). Additionally, it would be interesting to combine noun + adjective + le/la in there.


                                Please make a feature "add word to tinycards" while in duolingo... Then you can constantly update your pack with new word and clear them as you learn them. Please someone tell me if this exists already or similar


                                who are you thanking?

                                [deactivated user]

                                  I don't own a smartphone, but I would very much like to use the tinycards app. I hope it will be made available on desktop as well.


                                  I don't own a smart phone either,but i like the desktop idea as well


                                  Something that is important to note about this app is that it adds on and changes your duolingo. When you practice on it the progress goes onto your duolingo learning. You won't be forced to practice the same thing twice as you might using memrise.


                                  I can't wait for the android version ... I'm using Duolingo to encourage my 8 year old who is already bilingual ... and she loves it. So please let us know when the android version is going to be available, as I've tried lots of flashcard apps, and frankly most of them are rubbish. And Memmrise ... as good as it is, won't appeal to the younger audience.

                                  Keep on with the great work Duolingo!


                                  Could you customize the cards based on Duolingo study information? Also I cannot find the card package officially released by Duolingo related to the language I am learning.


                                  Why do so many people publicate their apps on iOS, before Android? I mean, maybe more people use iOS than Android, but still...


                                  It is the other way around. For every iOS on a device, there are 10 devices running Android. It baffles me why developers would target the platform with the fewer users, rather than the most users.


                                  I think it's because techie people tend to be iOS users themselves, so they are more geared towards that system. Which I could understand if the product they are making was some expensive, fancy lifestyle app.

                                  But with a product for which the explicitly stated target audience is people in poorer countries, trying to get ahead in life by using a free app, it is indeed incomprehensible.


                                  I don't think techie people generally tend to be iOS users. It depends. Those I know are mostly pro-Android. But it sounds quite likely that every specific team leans towards one or the other.


                                  Yeah, 99% of my tech friends won't touch Apple because of the cost, attitude, and the closed nature. My tech friends love to fiddle with the innards of their devices.


                                  I seem to know the wrong techies. :-)

                                  It's interesting to see that Duolingo tests some things on iOS (Duels, Tinycards), and others on Android (ads, and aren't the sentence discussions only available -- again, thank goodness! -- on Android?).

                                  Edit: Oh, and I think some courses come out first on one app and others first on the other, after having existed on the website for a while. But that may be a function of the timelines of the different app stores.


                                  Why have Tiny cards if there are other reliable websites with those or the same thing types of cards. I just makes no sense, Not unless if that's just the only learning tool. Just saying...


                                  Someone had mentioned the possibility of Memrise stealing attention away from users of DL...I am currently making use of Hebrew on both. Memrise has the advantage of its repetition system, but lacks the additions of grammar. DL includes a lot more grammar, and such is more complete than Memrise.


                                  where do you get these so called tiny cards?


                                  Not to add to the mele' but are there flash cards or can Tiny Cards develop flash cards for use on a Kindle? I want to be able to practice outdoors.


                                  my name is emily, too! Veronica is just my code name.


                                  I am a little shy about adding a post to a discussion that has already generated 325 comments but I have a practical question that one of you Duolingo experts might be able to answer: Might any of you know if there is there how-to information yet about creating custom Tiny Cards desks? Thanks all.


                                  This seems really cool!


                                  I have used many flashcard platforms and IMHO, this is the best!


                                  Can we upload audio?


                                  Amazing! I can't wait until the web version comes out! I hope I can use it on my computer. It will work on all computers, right?


                                  No, only for computers with OS X El Capitan or superior.

                                  :) Just kidding!


                                  May we practice it from safari, this is my school's iPad and App Store is restricted, if we can in safari, may you inform me? Thanks.


                                  Hi, nice to know that you have launched Tinycards. Congrats. meantime i would like to know in case you want to know some information, whom to write (i am referring to DuoLingo website). Thanks in advance for your response.


                                  Does this sync with Duolingo and strengthen your skills?


                                  TinyCards looks really nice. Congrats on getting it out the door.

                                  Can you share any details on when more official Duolingo course sets will be released? I'm specifically interested in Catalan at the moment. Is this something that will be funneled through the Duolingo volunteer program as well? I would be happy to contribute to such an effort.


                                  Just downloaded the iphone app...tried to log in with my Duolingo email/password, can't log in "The data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format." ??


                                  hello I do not have ios what shall a do


                                  I don't think it is very good. Like Duolingo, there isn't much opportunity to check for real memorising of phrases. You have to be able to practise spelling something out, but it doesn't let you.


                                  I like memerise I will try tiny cards soon


                                  I love this website, it is great to help learn your languages.


                                  I love tinycards too!


                                  Thank you! I am glad that there are flashcards


                                  How to create a new lesson in a module on tinycards? Right now I can just add one lesson in each module from my iPhone. What's the trick?


                                  Thank you this is going to help me learn faster


                                  well duolingo isnt great mezmerise is better GO MEZMERIZE YEA


                                  Looking forward to using this app very much!


                                  Tinycards seems pretty cool, especially the fact that its FREE


                                  Yup!!! Free stuff is always the best!!!


                                  The pronunciation of Rs in Chineasy, such as the word 'ren' seems incorrect. They sound like J and not R.


                                  what does "Chineasy" mean? I just googled it, and there's no such word.


                                  In Tinycards, there is deck of flash cards called "Chineasy" for Mandarin learners


                                  Thanks for the comment.


                                  you're very welcome! thank you for commenting on my comment!


                                  Thank you for thanking him on commenting on you comment!


                                  I was really enjoying using the tiny cards app, but it seems to have updated so that I must now type out every answer. Now it's really tedious, and things that should be quick reviews are taking forever. I feel like I wasted a lot of time making hundreds of cards on an app that went from working perfectly for my learning style to being in opposition to it overnight, with no prior warning.


                                  While I'm on the topic of this frankly hideous update, when one makes a mistake the correct answer flashes so quickly that it's nearly impossible to read, then disappears. I'm so frustrated.


                                  pls reply with links. I'm not sure how to get there.


                                  I'm not on iOS so I don't have access to tinycards yet but I'm wondering if there's any integration between duolingo and tinycards. There are certain words that I struggle with regularly and they don't come up frequently enough in my duolingo lessons to have them stay in my memory. I'd like a way to select a word in the app and add it to a tinycards flashcard collection so I can quiz myself on those words even outside of duolingo.

                                  Does such a thing exist?


                                  Simply amazing! Tiny cards is a great way to learn and to refresh the learning memory. Just tried the sign language, the Spanish, the world leaders, and looking forward to trying the music notes. Duolingo really gets it, including the brilliant and refreshing graphic illustrations! Thanks very much for providing these free resources, as it's more important for the world population to learn unencumbered by financial pressures. Much gratitude, Duo!


                                  My profile on TinyCards has japanese course, and later will add more decks, if someone has curiosity my profile is http://tinycards.duolingo.com/users/brunnolsr


                                  How am I just seeing this? :P Got it now and that is what counts. Thanks for all the new stuff. I love language learning. You guys are the best.


                                  it would be wonderful if we could earn points by working on the tinycards as well.


                                  hello im trying to learn food in spainish


                                  eargh great website from all the cuzzys in new zealand


                                  Leave a new comment


                                  So from what I understand, Tinycards is going to teach a wide range of subjects and not just languages. I'm an android users so I haven't been able to check it out yet but I'm curious to know if ASL will be included in this new app? I currently use Memrise for ASL but I use DL for my German lessons. If I can do both through DL I will gladly make the switch. Thank you!! ^_^


                                  I have just downloaded Tinycards and it's great. Thank you very much. It's fast as well which I like. Great quality app.

                                  [deactivated user]

                                    How to unsubscribe from someone's else deck in the iOS app?


                                    You start using the deck and then click on "Favorited". It will change do "Favorite" and it will be no more in your favorite decks.


                                    Tinycards is "NOT YET" here! :'(


                                    Now there is tinycards in Android


                                    they are really good to learn languages


                                    i am doing great i met my goal 3 times


                                    ¡Bueno! Ahora yo estudio mis idiomas con TinyCards y Duolingo.


                                    I would improve tiny cards. a bit laggy.


                                    When is the expected release date for android?


                                    dummest thing yet - I tried the Norwegian number cards and you get a picture of the number 1 and have to choose between three options 1,2 and 4 and no sound duh! No Norwegian in it!


                                    MISTAKE - WHERE TO REPORT?

                                    In Duolingo Greek - ABC, there is stated that μαμά means mam (from madam) instead of mom (from mother). I do not know where to report it.


                                    Card error! In Spanish Verbs Pt 1, tocar means to touch, not to play as was shown.


                                    Can tiny cards be used through duolingo classroom? or in some way have a classroom setting where students can be assigned to use tiny cards as a study tool?


                                    Hi guys were can i actually play cause all i can do is read the comments so please write back as soon as possible thx


                                    I love it along with Duolingo, it helps me with my Portuguese and soon my Danish. I recommend to anyone who wishes to learn a language in a easy, and free way either on your mobile device or computer.


                                    I just noticed an incorrect translation in French Tinycards that needs correcting. In the section entitled French Verbs: Present 2, the translation for 'elle vend' is 'she sales' - it should be 'she sells'. I don't know how it got past the copy editors, but now it can be corrected.


                                    I like Portuguese Tiny cards but they have no leeway like Duoingo. Eg. Word for student can be estudante or aluno. You do not know which one to use as sometimes you type estudante but no they want aluno! Otherwise I like them.


                                    Maybe someone can help me out here. I was looking to find a good chinese deck on TinyCards, but when I search for chinese I can only see the first 6 most popular decks. 5 of them are all made by Chineasy and consist only of 10 words. Now I made a deck myself but can't even find it over the seach function. Is there a way to look through all decks, because at the moment I can't find a button for "look at second page".


                                    Why does Tinycards not say the word so that the user can practise saying the word correctly


                                    When we try to write an answer as instructed, it freezes and there are no icons or links. No choice but to begin again or hit "I don't know" button . PLEASE fix this!! BTW, I am using the Italian language sessions


                                    Warning Italian specific but there is no separate forum. I'm having a wonderful time with Tiny Cards. It's helping to iron out all those words that my brain just refuses to memorise. Like the difference between Parecchio and Parecchi and alcuno and alcuni. Can I ask why volendo is 'to willing to'. Surely that should be wanting?


                                    Please visit my decks... THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! https://tiny.cards/decks/9db670cd-4c0d-4b86-8bd2-fccfaa78a536


                                    great idea. How do I turn keyboard enteering back on???


                                    How can I add more than 150 cards to a deck?


                                    TinyCards for english for português speakers?


                                    I would pay to have my use of Tiny Cards and the Duo Lingo lessons combined. Also how do I best use Duolingo to learn how to speak in past tense? _ Thank you


                                    Tinycards about cards RIP yugioh


                                    the tinycards link no longer work it does not matter where I clicked it. what happened?

                                    [deactivated user]

                                      Improvement for Tiny Cards: for German, it does not specify whether it is asking for the formal, informal or plural you. This should be made clear. Once you make a mistake, it is easy to remember which form of 'you" is intended. But it should be an easy fix You (formal), or You (plural) or You Guys, etc.


                                      I love tiny cards. It helps me refresh my mind and remember french words that I learned. Thanks for doing this


                                      Would the TinyCards creator from Duolingo be so kind as to let us know what structure is used for their language cards so that we can create our own complementary decks, front and back, audio and picture that function in the same way yours do?


                                      Hi, tinycards is not working somebody knows what happened?

                                      [deactivated user]

                                        Does anyone else have problems with tinycard decks not being editable?


                                        When I pull up French tinycards, it comes up but as soon as I answer the 1st one - it then freezes - does not roll-over to the next card. Tried updating Firefox, but to no avail. Can anyone help solve this? I can only pull up weather because I received an e-mail to keep learning - but only that deck opens.

                                        Never had a problem with the other version. This started when they changed it. I really liked tinycards for vocabulary.


                                        I wish Tinycards had a point system like Duolingo and statistic features like Anki. These features would better motivate me as a learner.


                                        Can you please make tinycards in French?


                                        Have the categories feature been removed? I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance to anyone that answers my likely stupid question.


                                        I'm thoroughly enjoying learning Spanish with Duolingo and Tinycards is a brilliant addition to the system and my language learning programme. I have a question: The new words that I learn on Tinycards (whether on my iPhone or on my desktop Mac) don't show up in the 'Words' vocabulary list of words that I have learned on Duolingo. Do any of you nice people out there know hoy I might fix this? Thanks, in advance.


                                        I love using Tiny Cards‼️


                                        I am sooo disappointed you simply deleted tinycards. What a shame.


                                        Please make it open source, so the community who love it so much can keep it alive if you don't wish to. Thanks.

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