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"הם מביאים לנו לחם, יין ודגים."

Translation:They bring us bread, wine and fish.

July 27, 2016



they bring to us.... was not accepted. shouldn't it be?


Perhaps this should allow:

They bring us bread, wine and fishes


the plural of fish is fish, there is no "fishes".


Perhaps that's what they thought ...

Not true though - certainly not in British English, and not according to the dictionary. Plenty of fishes all around this island, and in the textbooks of Oxford and Cambridge :-)

British English will generally use 'fish' for a large (uncounted) number, but will often use 'fishes' for small and easily counted numbers, as (very probably) in this example.

In the story of the loaves and fishes, for example, the KJV (King James Version) of the bible uses "fishes" repeatedly.


That's very interesting and I didn't know that, thanks! I thought "fishes" is used for "types of fish".


Fishes is mostly used as a verb. It's uncountable as a food. It's both countable and uncountable otherwise. If you are referring to types of fish in another way then you can use the plural, but it's pretty unusual to do so.


The serial comma is not allowed in Hebrew. Good to know.


מביא (bring) = מ + בא (come)

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