"He likes studying Hebrew because it is not boring."

Translation:הוא אוהב ללמוד עברית כי זה לא משעמם.

July 27, 2016

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hu ohev lilmod ivrit ki zeh lo mesha-amem


I thought עברית was feminine, shouldn't it be היא לא משעממת?


it is feminine, the studying isn't boring not the hebrew.


it's totally luck for me learn modern hebrew, I love vocalizing in it.


This should be accepted: הוא אוהב ללמוד עברית בגלל שזה לא משעמם


I don't believe so. I think the rule for בגלל is it must be followed by a noun and stop. For example,

הנעליים שלי הם רטובים בגלל הגשם.

My shoes are wet because of the rain.

I think you can insert מפני ש or מכיוון ש in place of בגלל ש in your example and it will work.

Will someone else please chime in here to verify?


Yes, what you wrote is correct, but Angelo's sentence is correct, too. בגלל ש does indeed mean the same thing as כי. Some argue it's incorrect, because it is more colloquial, but it is in common usage nonetheless.

So, after בגלל comes a noun and after בגלל ש comes a clause.

On the other hand מכיוון ש is more formal and מפני ש even more so.

@AngeloSpam5. Next time you can report sentence like this by using the little flag. Writing here doesn't get your suggestion to the course contributors.


Thank you. Good deal.


Why not female?


Not sure if I understand what you mean exactly, but the sentence does say "he likes studying" so you can't say היא אוהבת ללמוד


אני לא אוהב ללמוד עברית כי זה משעמם

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