"Elfutok, visszafutok, elfutok, visszafutok."

Translation:I run away, I run back, I run away, I run back.

July 27, 2016

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In English it is quite acceptable to leave out the 'I' especially the second time round. It seems it is not so in Hungarian.


Try saying that in your next rant, though. "I do this, you do that, I do this, you do that"


Ah, course navette, how little I miss you...

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    Please have mercy on me : these sentences are slowly "sucking" the life out of me :(


    Sadly, this is easy compared to what is further down. Combining the verb prefix withe noun suffix combination....


    "run over" is one of the hints listed for "elfutok." Does the translation "I run over, I run back, I run over, I run back" work?


    I think that would only work if you included a target.
    "I run over to the tree." - "Elfutok a fához/fáig." Or "Odafutok a fához."

    "Elfutok" in itself only indicates "away from here". What does "run over" in itself mean to you?


    "run over" makes me think of running over to something. For me the meaning focuses more on where you're going to than where you're coming from. It probably partially has to do with the fact that you're very likely to include a target with the English "run over." The only situation where I can imagine it being left out is if the place you're running to has already been established.

    I think I understand how to use the verb now. Köszönöm a választ! ^_^


    Yes, OK, you megerősíted, amit gondoltam (I thought).
    So, maybe, "run over" is not a good translation for "elfutok".
    "Odafutni" should match "run over (there)". Yes, you can establish a target, then just keep repeating the "odafutok" part.

    "Run over" also has some other, more unfortunate meanings. Those are not covered by "odafutni".

    You can also "run over" to your neighbor to borrow some milk, correct? That would be "átfutni" or "átszaladni".


    I didn't figure "odafutni" encompassed the more unfortunate meanings. ;)

    It's nice to know that you can use "átfutni" in that sense!

    Köszönöm a segítséget! :D (segítség is another word I've never used)


    Igazán nincs mit:)


    is this from a song, or other well known hungarian source?

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