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"אנחנו לא אירופאים אלא אמריקאים."

Translation:We are not Europeans but Americans.

July 27, 2016



Is אלא used only when the first part of the sentence is negated (like German sondern, Spanish sino etc) and אבל is a general but or are they used differently?


Sondern is actually a very good translation for אלא, sometimes I encounter awkward efforts to translate it to English and I'm like, what do you mean hard to translate? It's אלא!


But I didn't understand :( So what's the difference between אבל ואלא again?


ll אלא is used in a more specific situation when you want to express "not X but Y", the second phrase is true rather than the first. Sometimes it's translated "but rather". אבל is used in other situations as translation fo "but", for example, "I called her but she didn't answer", התקשרתי אליה אבל היא לא ענתה.


תודה על עזרתך :)


When I speak English, my native tongue, I say either 'but' or 'rather', not both, as they indicate here.


agree - sentence makes more sense using rather - we are not europeans, rather americans


In which case it really does need that comma after 'Europeans' (as indeed you've inserted). It looks odd, and isn't clear, without the comma.


Can you spell with two yuds? One for American (אמריקאי) and the second to show the plural ים-?


Anachnu lo eropeyim ella amerkayim.

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