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  5. "She is my best friend."

"She is my best friend."

Translation:C'est ma meilleure amie.

February 1, 2013



I am french and you can very well say : elle est ma meilleure amie.....c'est ma meilleure amie is a casual way of saying it when you are in front of the actual friend. Elle est ma meilleure amie could be said in a situation where you are talking about a friend who is not present.


I am French too and I say you are absolutely right!


Elle est ma meilleure amie should work as well, shouldn't it?


C'est ma meilleure baguette LOL


Hmmm...I can say the C'est-Ce sont/Il est-ils sont is one of the hardest (to me :0 ) to get through. My plan is spend full week to learn get to the...bottom (:0) of it until I can say I understand the whole rule. Wish me luck! (Thks for all the discussions)


This might help you get to the bottom of it (our volunteer team's latest Tips&Notes): https://duome.eu/tips/en/zz#z03


Dear Sitesurf. wow...wow...Love it! I sure am will get it through. Just so helpful for my French level. Merci mille fois Monsieur/Madame


Why not "c'est ma meilleure copine?"


Why is "Elle est ma meilleure amie" not accepted? Hmph! That is the direct translation of the English sentence given, AND it is an acceptable French translation as well. Double hmph and bah humbug. Reporting.


So, mon amie is fine, except if there's some sort of qualifier word like meilleure, in which case it's ma meilleure amie!?


"Mon" is used before feminine words starting with a vowel sound. If the next feminine word starts with a consonant, you use "ma":

  • mon amie
  • mon adorable amie
  • ma meilleure amie.
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