"Negyvenhét tanár dolgozik az amerikai iskolában."

Translation:Forty-seven teachers are working in the American school.

July 27, 2016

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I said, "...working at the American school," which was rejected (in favor of "in the American school"). Fine, except that there was another sentence in this lesson where I wrote "... works... in the ..." (the pertinent words were "dolgozik" and <someplace>ban/ben. (Sorry, my memory is terrible. It was maybe two translations before this one.) It was accepted, but also gave "works at the..." as an alternative. So sometimes -ban/ben can be translated to "at," depending on the context - I get that. But the two sentences I'm referring to had very similar contexts. Should I report it?


You should report it. "Working at [somewhere]" is an appropriate translation for dolgozik vmiben.


Exactly. You'll see that kind of thing in a dictionary, when it gives an example of how a word is used (especially verbs). "vki" = "valaki," "vmit" = "valamit," and so on.


@Duolingo, 19.10.21: "are work" shall be changed into "are working". Thanks.

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