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  5. "Vi spiser senere på dagen."

"Vi spiser senere dagen."

Translation:We are eating later in the day.

July 28, 2016



can someone tell me a little bit about how to tell when to use i, inne, på, and om. so i and inne I think are more in the physical sense of being in, but whats the difference between them


In principle these are quite different words, but of course in expressions that cannot be translated word by word, there might be some overlaps. "i" is a preposition that usually can be translated as "in" (physically in the first place, but not only). "inne" is an adverb, meani´ng "inside" "paa" originally means "on" and is a preposition as well "om" can be a preposition or a conjunction, the conjunction meaning "if" or "whether", the preposition can take a lot of meanings, starting from "around" to what probably concerns you, namely "in" in a temporal sense.


Can the "senere" be pronunced with a "sh" as it follows an "r" from "spiser"


Yes. If you combine letters "r" and "s" it makes "sh sound" ( I can see that you're Polish so it's like Polish "sz"). Examples: LaRS spiseR Senere hvoR Skal (du gå) voRSpil


in fact it is really close to the "rz" as e.g. in the name Andrzej or to the Czech ř.


No, it's definitely not polish "rz" or "ż". I checked Czech "ř" and it's similar to these polsih rz/ż, so it's not a very good comparison


Could this be "We are eating late in the day"? If not, how would you say that?


senere is comparative (later). Late would be sent.


What is the difference between "senere" and "seinere"?


sein is another way to write sen. There are many such cases in Norwegian, as the orthography is intentionally not regulated that strictly.


Could you say "Vi spiser senere i dagen."?


Why isn't "later today" accepted? Is it because it's a generic sentence, like "we usually eat later than this during the day" (not at 12am but at 1pm, e.g.)?


shouldn't lie are eating later in the day also be accepted?


sorry meant to say shouldn't we are eating later in the day also be accepted


That's the translation I see under the sentence, so if it wasn't accepted, then maybe Duo had a hiccup.


Or was it an MCQ?


Yes, if it were a multiple choice question, there might have been more than one correct answer and all correct answers must be chosen.

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