"Gdzie jest nauczyciel?"

Translation:Where is the teacher?

July 28, 2016

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Some recent reading of mine came up with the word "belferka" which my dictionary tells me means "teacher", but that it is "pejorative".

If I might ask, in what sense is this word "pejorative"?


It's considered somehow disrespectful, but aside of a teacher it has no meaning.

I've checked in Doroszewski's dictionary and what i found:

1) pot. pog. nauczyciel, bakałarz - so colloquially, pejoratively teacher

2) pomocnik mełameda w chederze (nm. Behelfer) - assistant of Melamed in Cheder

This second thing requires some explanation. Mełamed is a teacher in Cheder (a type of Jewish religious school).

As the Jewish culture nearly vanished from Poland, nowadays nearly no knows this context and no one know why this word is considered pejorative.


So does that mean you shouldn't use the term ,,Belfer" then? After watching the TV series, it is the first word that comes to mind now.


I never watched the show, but the word really sounds kinda offensive and disrespectful to me. That doesn't mean that there can't be a teacher who is okay with it.


The audio does not pronounce the word ""nauczyciel" but rather some word that sounds like""nauczyczym." It makes it difficult to understand what it is saying.


As for pronouncation (lady voice) there is an inmense difference in slow speaking and normal speaking. In slow speaking it seems that she uses the German (Dutch) way of pronauncing the AU in nauczyciel. In normal speaking it is na-uczyciel


It sounds perfectly fine to my native ears now.


"cz" and "ci" sound very similar here, is that aways so?


I'd say they always sound the same and to a native speaker the difference is very clear. I can understand why they may feel similar to a learner though.


Yeah - Polish is my first language and I say NO WAY - one is hard cz - like in charter. The other "ci" (or "ć" in general) is SOFT - softer than in say Japanese konnichiwa. If you pronounce them the same hen it is a bit like speaking Polish with a lisp...

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