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  5. "יש בתוכה פלפל."

"יש בתוכה פלפל."

Translation:There is pepper inside it.

July 28, 2016



Why would "there is pepper inside" be incorrect?


Note that the word בתוכה ends with a ה, which refers to a feminine object. Therefore it has to be "inside it".


Because the sentence is ambiguous about whether the ה suffix refers to a (gramatically feminine) inanimate object or a female person, couldn't it also translate to "there is a pepper inside of her?".


It definitely could. But that sentence, in both languages, isn't something that's said quite as often... :)


Its a response or follow up.


Why the it/her instead of just inside? I'm coming from a language with no gender specific grammar.. And have a specific food allergy so this could come up a lot.. for instance, if I go to a restaurant and see a dish on the menu, would you ask does it contain ? Or does it have inside? When would you use this? Thanks!


Remember that the suffixed ה in this case is a feminine pronoun suffix rather than an indication of grammatical gender, so attaching it to the preposition בתוך makes it "inside of it". I guess it uses בתוכה instead of just בתוך because it clarifies that you're asking if pepper is inside something else, rather than asking if something is inside a pepper (בתוך פלפל).

I don't know exactly how you'd ask about food allergies in Hebrew but I think if you used this phrase they'd understand what you were asking.


What about: Inside it is pepper.


The program just gave me "She's pepper inside her" as the correct translation....


So report a problem.


Could this be "there is a falafel inside it"?


No, falafel is פלאפל.


Such a cute word :3


I wrote "she has pepper inside". ¿Why is it wrong?


Not יש לה. Just יש


Thank you for your answer : )


Could you also say "there is A pepper inside it" if a fridge/box/bag or something had a bell pepper/hot pepper inside of it?

Or does "pilpel" only apply to black pepper... in which case, saying "a pepper" would mean something goofy like a single speck of pepper (& therefore not make any practical sense)?

Thanks in advance!


In another sentence "inside it" was בתוכו - I guess both can be correct depending on what the sentence refers to?

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